Virtual and At Home Enrichments



Mermaid School

Mermaid School

We come to your pool with mermaid tails, swimming, artistic activities, games and imagination. Classes are taught by a certified swim instructor/lifeguard and a professional entertainer for children. All materials are sanitized and all activities safe per red cross/cdc guidelines.
Email or call 818.388.4987


Gardening/Life Science Specialist

Thinking about the coming school year? As a gardening/life sciences specialist, I’ll to travel to home-school pods in Los Angeles where I can establish an instant edible garden. We would grow, tend, problem solve, harvest, sometimes cook and definitely eat! We’d explore each backyard ecosystem observing life cycles, unearthing secrets of the soil, mysteries of the sun, seasons of trees, flowers, fruit and vegetables. The adventures, individually designed for any age or level, are endless, the rewards tangible! Contact me @ (213) 500 3580 or