Kung Fu is a whole body exercise.

By Art MacHentsev
MacHentsevThe new school year is in and with it the question of which activity to engage our children in. There’s lots of advertising for sports, dance, art, singing schools and more. The choices could be overwhelming and make our head spin, but the criteria for selection is actually quite simple. Give children what they want and most importantly what they need.

So what do we know about kids? We know that not everything they like is good for them. For example, if they were to eat ice cream and play video games all day long, that would adversely impact their health and well-being, causing all the more headache and taking up additional time and money. So, could it be that in order to keep children happy they need to stay healthy and active? Seems so.

If that is the case, then how about focusing on physical education for kids. Not necessarily sport, because athletes are among the highest likely groups to receive an injury. Instead, focus on physical development. If you can get them to exercise at least a couple of times a week you will significantly improve their health and well-being and will make sure that they will continue to stay active. Now, one of the best methods of physical development today is traditional Chinese physical exercises that are over 5,000 years old. The ancient training principles for body and mind are time-tested and have proven to give tangible, long lasting results. Children will become healthier, more active, more discipled and more focused which will make them and you happy.

The ancient proverb states that it’s difficult to enjoy life when you are sick. Train a little to enjoy a lot.
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