Best Mommy Helper Apps

  • kinsaapp

    Kinsa Thermometer App

    Kinsa is the perfect tool for the modern mom when facing a sick child.

    The free Kinsa app remembers illness details like fever, symptoms and medication for each member of your family, so you don’t have to. Throw the Kinsa smart thermometer in your purse or baby bag and take it on the go – it has no batteries and connects right to your phone to take fast, accurate temperature readings. You can share the illness history with your doctor right from the app, and Kinsa even offers medical guidance to help you decide the best next steps.

    You can find Kinsa on our website. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play for FREE.

  • ParentsPal


    ParentsPal is a new app that helps parents easily manage their babysitters.

    It was designed by parents, for parents. ParentsPal helps parents more easily manage and communicate with the sitters they already use either regularly or for the occasional date night.

    This includes sharing key information, creating each babysitting appointment, managing tasks you want the babysitter to complete, and paying them through a secure mobile environment.

    No more wondering if the babysitter knows when you need them.

    No more wondering if the babysitter did what you asked them to do.

    No more stopping by the ATM to grab cash on the way home.

    For more information, visit our website at or check out our app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Tutorship LA

    Tutorship LA

    Tutorship L.A.’s mission is to provide students with personal academic support that fosters natural curiosity. The Tutorship L.A. team believes that it is essential to use both intellectual and personal components of life to build a solid, trusting, and growthful relationship between tutor and student.

    Yasmin recruits and works with successful youthful educators. She guides each tutor at Tutorship L.A. to ensure that each tutor draws on their own experience of school dynamics and relates to the pupil in an individual and meaningful way.

    With the experience of school fresh in their memories, our Tutors are able to relate to their students, and have real compassion for the hardships they encounter along the way.
    (310) 400- 6659

  • toot


    In-person on-demand tutor app

    Looking for a summer tutor or activities for your child? Toot is a tutoring service that connects families to qualified, vetted, and affordable tutors for in person or online lessons.

    Use the mobile app to monitor lessons, payments, progress and much more! For more information please call (415)319-TOOT(8668) or get started by downloading ‘TOOT’ in the app store.

    Available for both iOS and Android, download your app in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.Try toot and get $20 off your first lesson by using promo code ‘LAMOMMAG’. Happy Learning!

  • Ibirth


    Downloaded and used daily by over a half-million expecting parents, iBirth™ App is the go-to mind/body pregnancy and postpartum app packed with essential daily inspirations, evidence-based education, nutrition, partner support, contraction timer, and much more.

    Did you know— 50% of our users are Dads! Dads and partners LOVE our techy on-the-go features to help stay updated with mom’s pregnancy and baby’s progress.

    iBirth™ is laser focused on the emotional health and wellness of Mamas and Babes.

    Available for both iOS and Android, download your app in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store for FREE today!

  • HopSkipDrive


    HopSkipDrive is a ride service company for kids (ages 6+) designed to help get children where they need to go, safely and reliably. Our company was founded by three Los Angeles moms who between them have 8 children. Safety is our #1 priority.

    Our CareDrivers have at least 5 years of care-giving experience and go through a 15-point certification process, including extensive background checks, fingerprinting and certification on the TrustLine registry. Our LA-based support team monitors each ride in realtime and parents can track their rides in the app. You can learn more here: and try your first ride free (up to $20) using the code LAMOM.