Lifestyle Habits and Food to Heal Inflammation

By Mariana Rossano

Inflammation is the body’s way of signaling us that it’s lacking balance. And when we lack balance in our lives, the first things to address are our sleep, hydration, movement, and nutrition.

Sleep Deeply
Are you getting restful sleep? Consistent deep sleep throughout the night is crucial to reducing inflammation. We all know how difficult the day can feel when we have a bad night’s rest. Now imagine if this was almost always the case.

Over time, the body’s norm becomes stress. While subtle for some and obvious for others, not resting well stresses the body. Therefore, when you try to reduce inflammation, developing a nightly routine before bed to ensure deep sleep is crucial. (more…)

Slow Down the Aging Process

Elissa Goodman shares tips on maintaining vitality with age.

By Elissa Goodman

ElissaAging is a natural, inevitable part of life – and definitely not something to be scared of! Especially because there are proactive steps we can take to slow down the process and maintain our vitality as we grow older. As a wellness enthusiast with a deep understanding of holistic health, I am sharing my top five tips for aging gracefully and embracing the process. From resetting your digestive tract to practicing mindfulness, these tips encompass physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Let’s dive in! (more…)

The Health Benefits of Regular Massage Therapy

By Patty Parvizi

It might be difficult to find times of calm and relaxation in today’s world.

However, did you know that getting regular massages can be your key to living a longer, happier life?

Whether you’re dealing with physical discomfort, emotional stress or simply seeking an overall improvement in your health and well- being, regular massages can work wonders for you.

Stress Reduction
One of the most immediate and widely recognized benefits of massage therapy is its ability to reduce stress. Massage triggers the release of endorphins, your body’s natural feel-good hormones, which help combat the effects of stress and anxiety. (more…)

Your Children’s Fitness is at the Heart of Building Life Skills

Kids build resilience, determination and confidence through fitness.

By Korey Kalman

Korey KalmanLos Angeles is a bustling city, full of dreamers, artists, entrepreneurs, and relevant to my professional career, many children looking for avenues to channel their boundless energy. It was from this perspective that I founded the Got Game Camp, a popular LA summer day camp catering to kids aged 4-14, and placing fitness at the heart of building life skills.

One of our many mottos at Got Game has been: “competition builds confidence.” But what does competition have to do with fitness, you might ask? Everything. (more…)

How to navigate these difficult times?

By Elizabeth D. Winkler
College is a time of curiosity, discovering your values, and cultivating your direction in adult life. I have had the honor of working deeply with college women over the years facing stress, anxiety, as well as a multitude of traumatic experiences. The pandemic brought a whole new level of anxiety and a mental health crisis to campuses nationally. Currently many students and families are experiencing deep fear for their safety due to the War in Israel. Many have asked how do we navigate these incredibly difficult times? Fortunately, even in the face of fear, we have timeless tools to navigate the fear we hear, see and feel.

I’m here, as a mental health professional, a mother of Jewish children, and as a human with hope that we can find ways to, as my dear friend and mentor davidji says, transform the world by transforming ourselves. As a psychotherapist and meditation teacher I am always focused on how to heal. How can we transform at this time of intense energy, and overwhelming fear? I always look to the healing and teachings that have endured thousands of years of turmoil, pain and devastation. (more…)

Cheesecloth Lollipop Ghosts

By Rochelle Perry

My first craft is inspired by those lollipop ghosts from childhood. But instead of using tissue paper, use that cheesecloth!

• White cheesecloth
• Lollipop (I used what I had on hand – dum dums.
• Scissors
• Yarn (or ribbon)
• Sequins
• Hot glue



How to Raise Confidence and Self Love in Our Girls

Bring your daughters, friends and educators to the Shero’s Rise Summit Oct. 14

Local nonprofit, Shero’s Rise, is bringing together students, parents and educators to change the narrative for women and girls in our community! We invite you to join us on October 14th for our first ever Shero’s Summit : “The Butterfly Effect” – the idea that small things can have a big impact on large, complex systems.

The Summit will allow you to be a part of the conversation on how data regarding women and girls impacts you personally, what meaningful change matters most to you, and how you can help be a part of the solution for the women and girls in our lives. (more…)

Pranamor’s Detox Jungle Smoothie Bowl inspired by the Medical Medium protocol from their new Recipes for Love e-book!

Pranamor’s Detox Jungle Smoothie Bowl is inspired by the #MedicalMedium Liver Cleanse and Cleanse to Heal program, which @fernolivia and @maximmarlo, the power love couple of @pranamormusica, guide during short and long-term retreats at their beautiful center in Costa Rica.

The nutrients within this DELICIOUS superfood-packed and very filling #smoothiebowl clears toxins from your brain and body, so feel more energized and clear. (more…)

The Importance of Exercise for Children

By Emily Mora

Emily MoraIt’s no surprise that exercise and active play are important for children of all ages. And, with all the distractions from screens and sedentary activities, it can be difficult for parents to know how to help their kids get what is needed. These days, it’s common knowledge that exercise benefits health, but it’s also important for parents to understand the impact of exercise and active play on a child’s mental, emotional, and social development. (more…)

5 Ways to Bring Music into Your Summer Vacation

By Sarah Lyding

Sarah LydingFor all of us who smile when we hear our favorite song, or turn to sad music when we’re feeling low, we understand the power of music. But the fact is that the benefits of music go beyond changing our mood. When children listen, play, or dance to music, they experience a range of benefits for their development and wellbeing. In the summer, when schedules change and the weather heats up, it is a perfect time for families to experiment with new ways to add music to everyday routines.

As the executive director of The Music Man Foundation, I spend my time working to bring music to more people in impactful ways. Our Foundation partners with organizations that are permanently changing the way music is embedded in our schools, health care systems, and communities. We’re laser-focused on this because we’ve seen the research which supports music’s potential to improve lives. (more…)