By Rochelle Perry

My first craft is inspired by those lollipop ghosts from childhood. But instead of using tissue paper, use that cheesecloth!

• White cheesecloth
• Lollipop (I used what I had on hand – dum dums.
• Scissors
• Yarn (or ribbon)
• Sequins
• Hot glue


  1. 1. Cut cheesecloth to 6”x6”. Drape over lollipop.

  2. 2. Tie with a yarn or ribbon of choice, approximately 4” long.

  3. 3. Take sequins color of choice and hot glue for eyes. (I also used one for the mouth on one.)

  4. 4. Decorate your home or simply hand out to your child’s class. (Ask your child: “What’s the type of flower a ghost likes most?” Answer: “A boo-quet!” Just remember to make enough to form a boo-quet!)