June Father’s Day Recipe

Lamb Chops; Citrus & Sage

Kim Kushner

Ready in 20 minutes
Serves 4-6 people
Lamb ChopsThis is a super easy marinade that can be blitzed together in just minutes. Orange and sage make a wonderful combo, add the wine and honey, and it becomes next level good! Sometimes, when I’m feeling risky, I throw in the whole orange, unpeeled into the food processor – this adds great, vibrant color and just the right amount of bitterness. (more…)

Glow Girl Certified Clean Makeup by Female Founders

By Melissa Meyers


Everyone always asks me for my EXACT clean beauty product picks so I thought It would be a great idea to highlight several female founders who are leaders in the space.

As an editor for over 25 years, I’ve tried and compared tons of products. It’s my job to research, test, educate, and offer you my tips and takeaways. Keep scrolling to see the best nontoxic #glowgirlcertified (GGC) winners that are effective and rival even the best, luxury department store brands! None of the products listed below contain parabens, phthalates, sulfates, talc or many other hormone and endocrine disruptors.  Tip: If you are looking to replace any of your makeup with cleaner alternatives, a great resource is the Think Dirty App if you want to check to see the toxicity levels of the products you currently use. 


My Father’s Day Card in Heaven

I lost my father on August 28, 2022. This is my Father’s Day card to him in heaven.

By Shirin Yadegar

Dear Dad,
This is my second Father’s Day without your sweet smile, soft voice and strong embrace. The words for this card flow with the same rigor of my tears. There is so much lost in the past 22 months. The loss of hearing your genuine love, smelling your sweet scent and listening to your gentle voice. Camille, who you always called the “professor” hasn’t washed your sweatshirt she took from your closet so when she wears it she can hold on to your scent. (more…)

Final Exam Prep

By Angela B.
AngelaWe’re all familiar with finals season. Most teachers give you notice all year about their final exam. They tell you the things that might appear, give you a multitude of study guides, and yet the final exam always sneaks up on you when you’re least expecting it. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Everyone feels the antsy, jittery rush of May and June. (more…)

May Mother’s Day Recipe

Grilled Peaches, Burrata, Basil & Mint
Grilled Peaches Ready in 15 minutes
Serves 8 people
Summer in a salad! Grilling the peaches is a great way to release the sweet juices, and soften the peaches slightly. Burrata is essentially a creamy pouch of stretched mozzarella cheese filled with creamy soaked mozzarella; it is luscious and sweet. Serve with toasted sourdough bread and a glass of wine, and you have what I’d consider the perfect meal. (more…)

Lifestyle Habits and Food to Heal Inflammation

By Mariana Rossano

Inflammation is the body’s way of signaling us that it’s lacking balance. And when we lack balance in our lives, the first things to address are our sleep, hydration, movement, and nutrition.

Sleep Deeply
Are you getting restful sleep? Consistent deep sleep throughout the night is crucial to reducing inflammation. We all know how difficult the day can feel when we have a bad night’s rest. Now imagine if this was almost always the case.

Over time, the body’s norm becomes stress. While subtle for some and obvious for others, not resting well stresses the body. Therefore, when you try to reduce inflammation, developing a nightly routine before bed to ensure deep sleep is crucial. (more…)

Executive Functioning and Kindergarten Readiness

By Janis Adams

Whether your child is developmentally ready to make the move from preschool to kindergarten may depend on whether they are successfully mastering some very adult sounding competencies called “executive functioning.”

Executive functioning is a set of skills: the capacity to plan ahead and meet goals, display self-control, follow multiple-set directions even when interrupted, and stay focused despite distractions, among others.

In other words, executive functioning is the ability to prioritize tasks, filter distractions, and control impulses — lofty goals for a preschooler! (more…)

Finding Creative Ways of Engaging Our Children to Learn

By Nathalie Kunin

What education during Covid has taught us, and how we are applying those lessons to how we educate our children today.

Looking back on schooling during Covid gives many of us PTSD, but we have learned many valuable and positive lessons from this experience. We learned how adaptive and resilient our children are. Most pivoted quickly to virtual learning which illustrates how flexible children can be and that there are many different methods of teaching. While an in-person school setting is ideal for most, we have learned that students can thrive in non-traditional environments.


Teaching Our Children Important Values in Troubling Times

By Shirin Yadegar

Shirin YadegarAs mothers, our hearts ache when we witness senseless acts of violence that claim innocent lives. The recent massacre at the Nova Festival in Israel on October 7, where terrorists attacked peaceful festival-goers, serves as a stark reminder that no corner of the world is immune to such atrocities. That could have been our children dancing at Coachella.

We must show our children by example how to be up standers. We must use our voices to stand up against the deafening silence of the international community. It is our duty, as mothers, to take charge of shaping the future generations. (more…)

Directory – 2024

After School Enrichments

Waterworks Aquatics
Waterworks is an award-winning swim school with 20 years of experience teaching swim lessons. Our mission is to educate and motivate individuals to be safer and learn proper swimming techniques. Safety and fast progress in a comfortable learning environment are the cornerstones of our family-loved swim schools.

The BeatBuds®
The BeatBuds® is dedicated to exercising your child’s mind through music. Perfect for birthday parties, in-home classes, play dates, and special events, The BeatBuds® offer an interactive music program designed to send your child, and all kids in attendance, on a wholesome journey using singing, dancing, and instrument play as the vehicle for self-expression. The BeatBuds® write and perform catchy tunes that are as endearing as they are educational and it is through this music that The BeatBuds® is able to simultaneously exercise your child’s creative and logical mind and provide a fun and engaging musical experience. Let’s Jam!!!

School of Rock
School of Rock revolutionary music program will have your child learning music and having fun doing it! By placing kids in bands alongside individual lessons, our program is sure to have your child learning music faster than ever. We have programs starting as young as 3 years old and we teach adults too!
Enter code LAMOMSROCK24 for 50% off the 1st month of Rock 101 expiring on 04/30/2024.

Golden Performing Arts Center
GPAC’s acclaimed youth theatre program offers Fun, nurturing Musical Theatre workshops that build confidence, skills, friendships and self-esteem and culminate with full-scale musical productions that let kids feel like Broadway stars! The Spring workshop meets on Saturdays for 3 hours from Feb-May: Summer Theatre Day Camp meets Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm from June 17-July 26. Learn to Act, Sing & Dance, Overcome shyness and Soar! Ages 6.5-15.

Bounce LA
Bounce is LA’s No.1 Kids Gym offering award-winning classes, birthday parties, private events & school movement programs for children aged 6 months to 8 years old across the city. Bounce’s team of highly-skilled coaches have become renowned for their age-appropriate curriculums centered around their signature obstacle courses – designed to boost children’s physical and mental development, all while having fun! Bounce’s mobile service ensures that its incredible classes, custom birthday parties, events, school programs are accessible wherever you are located through LA.

Ladybug Music
Ladybug Music Beverly Hills offers baby and toddler music classes in Beverly Hills and surrounding communities. With award winning original music and an engaging and educational curriculum, Ladybug Music Beverly Hills creates a joyful learning environment for families with young children to sing, dance and create music, memories and more!

Summer Camps

Young Scholar Academy

Have a bright kiddo with unique interests who is struggling to make friends, feel good about themselves, or develop their strengths?
Young Scholars Academy is a strength-based enrichment school with Summer Camps for 5-18-year-old neurodivergent kiddos from June 24 to August 23.
Here, your child will live their best life, make like-minded friends, explore the unique content they crave, and grow under the loving care of world-class mentors who truly nurture them in over 35 camps, including Executive Function, Minecraft, Anime, Songwriting, Film, Game Theory, Poetry, Debate, Robotics, D&D, Cryptography & Hacking, Philosophy, Threatre, WWI & WWII Weaponry, LEGO Engineers, Biology—> Astronomy Explorers, History Detectives, and more!
Click here to learn more- https://youngscholarsacademy.org/summer-camps

Camp Ocean Pines
Camp Ocean Pines a small nature-based resident camp, in a pine forest overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Your camper will build friendships, experience amazing nature, and just get to be a kid! We accept every kid for who they are and want to help them grow into the person they want to be.

1473 Randall Drive, Cambria CA 93428

Maccabi Sports Camp
Maccabi Sports Camp is an overnight sports camp in the SF Bay Area offering programs in baseball, basketball, soccer, and volleyball, for campers entering grades 3 – 11. And new in 2024, Multi-sport for​3​-7 graders who love playing sports and want to play a different sport each day! Community, culture and character are at the heart of a unique camp experience that combines high-level specialized sports instruction with the fun, friendship, and community of overnight camp.

Camp Integem
Join the #1 AI & AR STEM & Art Camp for ages 5-18: Transform their dreams into hands-on creations in AI, Robotics, Holographic AR, coding, arts, 3D, animation, game design, Space/nature exploration and more. Teleport into their Holographic AR design to experience the magic. Beginner to Advanced levels. Great instructors, small classes. ACS WASC accredited & NVIDIA partnered camp. Thousands of students have joined Camp Integem. Learn more at camp.integem.com. Use code LAMOM to save.

Global Routes
Global Routes, with 58 years of experience, offers the best expertly crafted experiential education programs for youth aged 14-18. Our authentic travel experiences go beyond mere adventures, providing teens with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of diverse cultures, grow as individuals, invest in their future pathways and resilience, and contribute to meaningful environmental and social change through community service projects and cultural immersion. Join us on a journey where decades of experience meet unforgettable, fun, and impactful opportunities, nurturing a sense of belonging and confidence that will positively change their lives.


Golden Performing Arts Center
GPAC’s acclaimed youth theatre program offers Fun, nurturing Musical Theatre workshops that build confidence, skills, friendships and self-esteem and culminate with full-scale musical productions that let kids feel like Broadway stars! The Spring workshop meets on Saturdays for 3 hours from Feb-May: Summer Theatre Day Camp meets Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm from June 17-July 26. Learn to Act, Sing & Dance, Overcome shyness and Soar! Ages 6.5-15.

School of Rock
School of Rock revolutionary music program will have your child learning music and having fun doing it! By placing kids in bands alongside individual lessons, our program is sure to have your child learning music faster than ever. We have programs starting as young as 3 years old and we teach adults too!
Enter code LAMOMSROCK24 for 50% off the 1st month of Rock 101 expiring on 04/30/2024.

Sophie Dance
Sophie Dance 3rd Street is on its 17th summer of offering super fun week long dance camps for children ages 4-10! Each camp week has a special theme that informs the music, choreography and show for the week. Kids will enjoy learning five new dance routines, memorizing scripts, playing games and crafting all week long. This summer they are even collaborating with B-Music on some Taylor Swift dance and music camps as well.

Got Game Camp
LA’s favorite summer camp, GOT GAME, operates in Mid-City, West LA and West SFV! Take advantage of early bird rates, sibling and multi-week discounts, and get ready for a summer full of action-packed fun, tons of friends, and memories that will last a lifetime! When school is OUT, Got Game is IN!
310.975.8524 ext. 1

Parker Anderson
Parker-Anderson Enrichment offers a wide variety of services – whether at schools after hours, during fun-filled summer camps, or even at birthday parties. Our motto is simple but impactful: “Fun comes first,” but we take it a step further by ensuring that every class we offer imparts tangible skills that benefit children and parents alike. Our summer camps customize unique, full-service camp experiences for schools that combine the fun and silliness of traditional summer camp with a huge variety of our signature enrichment classes and social interaction with friends. Our programs include topics on STEAM, Sports, Art, and more!

Catering and Specialty Treats

Delight Patisserie
Add a personalized message, wish, date, name, or even logo to your shortbread cookies. From the beautiful packaging to the very last bite, our buttery treats hit the sweet spot between beauty and flavor.
DeLight Patisserie has been featured on NBC’s The Today Show and ABC’s World News Tonight.

Incredible Cakes LA
Incredible Cakes specializes in custom designed cakes, cookies and desserts for all occasions. Vegan, sugar free and Gluten Free options are available. Holiday specialties include cookie decorating kits, traditional pies cakes and cookies that include all the favorites like pumpkin spice. We deliver to your door!

Rabbi’s Daughter
We can deliver your entire meal or just what you need. Let us help you make an unforgettable feast to impress your guests. We also specialize in kosher meats and chicken delivered to our door.

Sweet E’s Bake Shop
Sweet E’s offers stunning cakes, cupcakes, corporate logo cookies, and decadent desserts all which can be easily customized and ordered online. They have an incredible line of Holiday & Hanukkah desserts including DIY kits, Gingerbread houses, over the top Gift assortments, and branded corporate gifts. Easily order online for delivery to your doorstep as soon as NEXT DAY in Los Angeles and they also ship select products nationwide! Kosher certified.

The Compton Bbq
Have a very Southern, Cajun and Creole Holiday Feast! You just bring the order and we bring the vixens! Southwestern Texas BBQ, Fried & Smoked Turkeys and Creole and Cajun Gumbo & Jambalaya.

Health and Weight Loss

Elissa Goodman
The EG Kitchen mission is to educate and encourage healthy, mindful living and helping others embrace the concept that we are products of what we eat and how we treat ourselves! The EG Kitchen Cleanse delivers whole, nutrient-dense foods with a healthy balance of fat, protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. This is a gentle cleanse, designed to remove excessive animal-based foods, processed foods, added sugars, “white foods”, and unhealthy fats from your diet.

OWL Venice
An organic cleanse program based on the principles of Ayurveda and
chronobiology, packed with ingredients that restore and repair the gut wall,
increase digestive fire, reduce inflammation, and draw toxins and heavy metals
from the body. while other cleanse programs deplete the body, the owl reset
nourishes it, resetting the gastrointestinal system and fostering optimal
conditions for an elimination diet or intuitive eating journey with OWL’s supportive
healing food recommendations and health coaching to guide you along the way.
Discount code: SHIRIN10

PLATEFIT combines cardiovascular and strength moves with vibration technology to increase metabolic burn and create lean, sculpted muscles. All PLATEFIT classes are performed on individual vibrating medical devices (aka The Power Plate) & utilize a mix of dumbbells,TRX, your body weight, and even your own vibration as resistance. PLATEFIT is a high energy, music-centric environment that will leave you vibing higher.

Pure Barre
Come cross-train with us at Pure Barre Brentwood and Pure Barre Santa Monica, with our newly added Pure Barre Define! Cross-train at Pure Barre with our 4 class formats: Pure Barre Classic (full body sculpt and burn); Pure Barre Align (strength, flexibility, and balance); Pure Barre Empower (cardio and HIIT); Pure Barre Define (strength training). First Class is FREE for locals.

Sauna Bar
Our natural weight loss program is truly life changing and will Transform you! Men lose on average 1 pound of fat a day and Women 1/2 pound a day during the one month program. It’s the safest, healthiest, and most effective way to lose weight and detox the body in 30 days. Our Infrared SaunPods, Lymphatic compression and Whole Body Vibration is included in the program.

Z.E.N Foods
Z.E.N., Stands for Zero Effort Nutrition, is a premiere Los Angeles-based home meal delivery service that brings the healthy, timesaving perks of a personal chef and in-house nutritionist right to your doorstep. Whether you want to lose weight, gain lean muscle or improve your health, Z.E.N. Foods can personalize a plan and create a menu just for you. No more shopping, cooking and cleaning – eating clean and healthy has never been this easy!
Discount Code: LAMOM10

Self Care

Mend Me Message
MendMe Massage is one of the best massage studios. We offer massage and therapeutic services. We help you achieve a new level of relaxation by changing your body, mind and soul.

Sound Bird Healing
Unlock inner peace and wellbeing with Sound Bird Healing transformative sound healing sessions. Immerse yourself in harmonious frequencies that promote relaxation and reduce stress, fostering a deep sense of tranquility. Sound Bird Healing offers multiple healer sound bath meditations for special occasions, private healings, Sound Healer training, corporate wellness events, and non-profit initiatives. Sound Bird Healing has been featured in the LA Times and the LA Weekly for their profound and immersive Sound Bath Meditations.