I lost my father on August 28, 2022. This is my Father’s Day card to him in heaven.

By Shirin Yadegar

Dear Dad,
This is my second Father’s Day without your sweet smile, soft voice and strong embrace. The words for this card flow with the same rigor of my tears. There is so much lost in the past 22 months. The loss of hearing your genuine love, smelling your sweet scent and listening to your gentle voice. Camille, who you always called the “professor” hasn’t washed your sweatshirt she took from your closet so when she wears it she can hold on to your scent.

It pains me today to think of the loss of memories to be made with your grandchildren who you didn’t have enough time to enjoy and share your life changing stories with. Payman had a beautiful baby girl on February 19. She’s a pisces like us! Whenever I hold her, I think of you. She’s so sweet and gentle.

I mourn the loss of 96 shabbat dinners, countless family birthdays, graduations and celebrations where you would feel true pride for your family.

Today, on Father’s Day, we are meant to celebrate the amazing fathers in our lives so instead of crying for your loss I am going to celebrate with gratitude that I was lucky enough to call you my father for 45 years! We celebrated 45 Father’s Days in joy and laughter together. You were and will always be my hero. I know you are walking with me and mom, Pay and your grandchildren through all of our triumphs. You were a deeply spiritual man and I know that although you’re physically not with us, your soul is with us every step of the way.

Happy Father’s Day Dad. Thank you for being the best there was. Thank you for passing your lessons of kindness, gratitude and family values to your son and son-in-law. They are phenomenal fathers too! I know you know that because you are watching!

Sending you love and kisses for all of us.
Your daughter,
Shirin Yadegar

For those who have lost loved ones, I share this with you because it is really healing to write letters on special occasions to help you honor the ones who aren’t here on earth with us any longer. It hurts at first and then feels good to connect. Let me know your thoughts on how you manage your grief. We are all in this together. shirin@lamommagazine.com