Getting in shape after the holidays


Jennifer Greenhut has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and her clientele has ranged from serious athletes, pregnant women, people who want to get in shape, and people who are just looking to relax and destress from their busy days. Whether you want to destress or sweat and push your limits, Jenn will motivate and support anyone wanting to step on the path of bettering themselves through yoga.


Don’t let the thought of eating too much at the Holidays prevent you from doing so. Just take a Cardio Tennis Class from Ojakian Tennis Inc, and you will not feel guilty about eating that extra turkey leg.

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Sharolyn Leithold has been a top L.A. trainer and competitive athletic conditioning coach for the last 16 years. Whether you are a competitive athlete, a new mom or just want to get fit, Sharolyn will take you through a personalized workout, help you with your nutritional needs and get you on the road to extreme health and vitality! Specializing in motivation, support and a little sweat, Sharolyn has all the tools to help you achieve any goal you may have in mind. Email her to set up an appointment at


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To maintain, or even lose weight during the festive holiday season, steer away from foods high in carbohydrates and sugar. For those that are still wearing last year’s holiday indulgences on their hips, abs or thighs, liposuction (also referred to as “liposculpture”) is always an effective option to flatter your figure. Minimal downtime and results that can be more effective than exercise or diet combined. Let me not fail to mention that diet and exercise following liposuction is what will give any patient the most impressive and satisfying results.

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