By Jennifer Greenhut
Jennifer GreenhutFirstly, yoga teaches kids fearlessness. Yoga will give children an advantage as they grow up in being courageous and strong. By practicing poses where we balance, go upside down in backbends and headstands, kids will learn to overcome their fears and push their boundaries which is a great lesson to bring with them as they grow and mature.

Secondly, yoga teaches kids how to focus. Breathing techniques, sitting still, and focusing on their breath in meditation, kids will learn to practice concentration. In addition, they will learn how to go ‘inside’ and listen to their bodies and know what is going on as opposed to just reacting to everything ‘outside’. This will give them a huge advantage when it comes to studying, taking tests, playing outside sports, or just being able to express themselves and how they feel.

Thirdly, yoga is great for developing a healthy body. Yoga is all about balance and correcting the spine/posture. As a child grows, yoga will help build strength and flexibility so their bodies become aligned in the best way they can. Yoga can help correct tight hips and tight hamstrings which eventually lead to back pain. Yoga helps their bodies gain flexibility and balance as they play
other sports. I was a gymnast on the U.S. national team as a child and I know I would have been 10 times better if we had been doing yoga on the side. However, whether the child is an athlete or not, yoga will help keep them in shape.

Jennifer Greenhut is a certified yoga instructor who has been teaching yoga in L.A. and N.Y. for almost 15 years. Her clients range from business men, professional athletes, artists, couples, and children. You can contact Jennifer at or visit for more information.