By Michelle Valenzuela Wolf

When do you feel the most yourself? I’m talking about the four C’s totally carefree, confident, clear and content. These are the moments when we tap into the best version of ourselves. Perhaps you feel this when you’re at your job or when you’re laughing with your family. Whatever or whenever this is, we want to work towards tapping into the best version of yourself at all times. How can we unleash our fullest potential?

Something that comes along with being and feeling our best is taming the negative self-talk or nagging voice inside our head that says; Am I good enough? Particularly for women this statement is true! Oftentimes we find ourselves feeling inadequate and questioning our self-worth.

I’m here to let you know that when we genuinely try our best, it’s enough! I promise you. Sometimes we go through seasons of insecurity in our lives. It happens to the best of us. You’re not alone in this feeling. However, by putting our best foot forward and embracing our unique talents, we will (eventually) succeed.

This time of year, the stress seems to pile up around us like stacks and stacks of paperwork. While your kids have returned to school, you may be heading back into the office, or finally getting back into the swing of things post-quarantine. Or perhaps it’s a combination of all of the above! Life can be overwhelming at times if we don’t have the proper tools in our personal toolbox to cope with it. Speaking of toolboxes I also curated a Fall Back Inspirational Took Kit for you of some of our favorite wellness champions on our podcast.

Stress management is essential to success. Start with clearing your mind with some deep breaths. In yoga, we like to remind everyone to stay mindful. Now, what does mindfulness even mean? To us, it’s a mental state where one is totally aware of their physical presence in the present moment. It means that one acknowledges and accepts the state of body, mind, and spirit. Tap into mindfulness and embrace your current state. Then, channel your emotions to project you to your fullest potential. You may recall me discussing mindfulness and ways to stay present in my Tid Bit a few weeks ago.

Now that we are inching our way towards some normalcy, I wanted to give everyone some helpful tips for a smooth transition back to work, school, or your day-to-day routine.

  1. Confidence is Key – The more mentally prepared you are, the better you are at not stressing yourself out. Do things in advance, plan out your goals, and build a successful structure. Tap into strengths, take classes and commit to the more confident you!
  2. Clarity – Get out of the fog. How are you actually going to get to your goal? If you know where you are going, you can plot your path. Perhaps you like to write your goals down in a journal, or maybe you need to talk them out with a friend. Find the method that works best for you and pushes you to get in gear!
  3. Content – Tap back into going easy on yourself. Stop being a perfectionist. Whatever shows up is there for you to learn. Be in the present moment. Change does not always mean taking something good away. It’s an opportunity to welcome new experiences that will make you happy.
  4. Carefree – Remember the importance of self care. When we allow ourselves moments of introspection and really take care of our overall well-being, we open up our mind to experience the freedom and fun that our wonderful lives have to offer. We focus a lot on meditation, but another great tool is CBD which can allow you to release anxiety and have a more rested sleep with products from Fleur Marche who will be featured on the podcast soon.

I hope that this new season in life brings you confidence, happiness, and success! Let’s tap into your highest self (I mean you don’t want to look stressed out like the girl in this photo – ha ha!) and use the four C’s – carefree, confident, clear and content to reach for a more stress-free life.

Michelle Valenzuela Wolf is the creator of empowher purpose.