Vacation to Israel

Israel is a well traveled country for Jewish families seeking to connect to their heritage, religion and family roots. Numerous families return yearly to Israel to visit relatives and enjoy a vacation at the same time. Many families choose to also celebrate a Bar/Bat Mitzvah on this occasion.

Puzzle Israel travel experts skilfully built a 10-day winter tour itinerary designed for such families to tour together (this of course includes families that have never visited Israel).

Read more below to learn about this special opportunity for an exciting and meaningful family tour to Israel organized by the boutique travel company – Puzzle Israel.

We Start our Journey in the Warm and Sunny South
On Puzzle Israel’s Winter Family Adventure you will begin your tour in the Negev desert in southern Israel. This is a vast area of Israel that receives little to no rain year-round. This beautiful landscape offers a variety of physical adventures, historic and archaeological sites and cultural experiences.

On Puzzle Israel’s tour you will rappel down the cliffs of the spectacular Ramon Crater (Maktesh), enjoy an authentic feast prepared by a local Bedouin family in their tent, ride camels and stargaze from the middle of the crater to the millions of stars above, using a huge telescope.

The Judean Desert – Another Desert, a Whole Different Experience
After 2 nights spent in the Negev desert, you will head north-east and arrive at yet another desert. Yet in Israel no two deserts are the same: The Judean desert has an entirely different geology and ecological system than the Negev and holds its own must-see jewels. Most famous of these is the natural wonder of the Dead Sea, located in the lowest place on earth.

Puzzle Israel offers an exclusive opportunity to explore the Dead Sea waters in kayaks! However, a visit to Israel is not truly complete without a photo of you floating on your back in the salty water while reading a newspaper, or of you standing on the beach covered in mud from head to toe!

Nearby is the remarkable archaeological site of Masada. Masada is an ancient fortress from the Roman period, built on top of an isolated rock plateau some 1300 feet above ground level. Many people choose to challenge themselves by hiking up the steep mountain at dawn, along a winding narrow path known as the Snake Path, arriving at the top of the trail just in time to see the sun rise above the Jordanian mountains, painting the waters of the Dead Sea in spectacular colors.

Jerusalem’s Outskirts – Nature and Adventures
Jerusalem’s outskirts are full of exciting family activities. Hop on an RZR off-road vehicle for a motorized adventure along the muddy trails of the Jerusalem forest; take part in helping the forestation of the country and connect to the land with your own two hands by planting a tree; end your day with another Puzzle Israel specialty: a self-defence workshop introducing Israeli methods of Krav Maga- a military self-defense method developed for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Israeli Security Forces.

Touring Jerusalem’s Hidden Gems and Celebrating Your Child’s Coming of Age
Your planned 2 days in Jerusalem will no doubt be the highlight of your tour as you celebrate your son’s or daughter’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah at the Western Wall in the Old City. After the ceremony you will tour the Old City’s narrow alleyways, visiting notable historical and religious sites. The visit to Jerusalem will of course include a culinary must-do activity: touring Machne Yehuda open food market. Puzzle Israel’s culinary experts will take you around and introduce you to local delicacies that will surprise your palate and leave you with a taste for more!

The Lush Green North – Adventures and Spirituality
With the first winter rain, the Israeli north turns a deep rich green. The Galilee and Golan regions in the north offer a variety of experiences for families to share together. You will tour along the northern borders with Lebanon and Syria and learn about the complex geo-political realities of the region. You will also get to taste the bounty of the land on a visit to a local kibbutz, as well as tour the spiritual city of Tzfat to learn about the secrets of the Kabbalah and explore the studios of Judaica artists.

Tel Aviv – the BIG CITY – a Wonderful Ending for a Wonderful Tour
The tour ends with two fun-packed days in the cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv and its outskirts. You will visit interesting museums, learn all about local Israeli street art and graffiti and even experience it for yourself! Your last night in Israel will be especially fun as you will celebrate New Years Eve with the local crowds in the street parties.

A 5 Star Experience for Your Family
This tour features luxurious accommodations such as the Beresheet hotel in the Negev and the Orient in Jerusalem, mouthwatering meals, exclusive locations and much more…All accompanied by our professional team and tour guides who will DAZZLE YOU and help you create memories for a lifetime!

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A Few Words About Puzzle Israel
Puzzle Israel travel company, established in 2010, believes in doing things differently. The company aims to give every traveler more than the same ol’ standard Israel guided tour.
Puzzle Israel gives you the opportunity to see Israel from a new perspective while interacting with the surroundings through local encounters, activities, and meaningful experiences. The founders of Puzzle Israel made it their goal to allow each traveler to pick a puzzle piece they’re already passionate about or learn a new skill while exploring Israel’s magical landscapes.