By Ellie Tabibian

During turbulent times of intense disruptions many of us suddenly step back and take stock of our lives. What do I want to do instead? How do I make my mark in the world? This is the time to reflect and maybe pivot a little. Or a lot. And it’s a time to find like-minded people to share our passions and our dreams. I can relate.

Having repurposed my career and coached 100s of stuck moms and professionals, one fact remains the same. We need to find our tribe with people who share a strong connection with us. We need to matter when we contribute.

Not sure where to begin?

That’s easy to fix. There are assessments to help you find your tribe of people who share your interests. This is the first step to point you in the right direction. But don’t stop there.

Take a moment to understand what drives you. Thinking about any typical day this week. What peak moments brought a smile to your face or created joy for others? In that moment, were you thinking, achieving, influencing someone, or building relationships? Maybe you lost track of time and it fulfilled a value important to you. It felt easy, natural. It felt like…you. And you mattered.

Unleash your powers.

Your peak moment is linked to 34 natural talents that are directly tied to success. When you unlock your unique talents, you find your voice and unleash your powers. Loudness is not required; you just need to be more YOU to make a difference. You will experience greater hope, wellbeing, and productivity. Your unique talents will ease your transition and clarify peak experiences at work too.

Ellie repurposed her career from school psychologist to a Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths coach and faculty instructor at Pepperdine University. She received the 2017 – 2018 Woman of the Year Award with NAPW because of her commitment to her profession. She can be reached at