The Ultimate Baby Manual to survive the first year of parenting.

Babies have tiny stomachs, filling and emptying quickly. Because of this, moms need to breastfeed their babies often (8-12 times a day).
Newborn – stomach is the size of a marble, holding about a teaspoon of milk
Day 5 – stomach expands to hold up to an ounce
2 Weeks – stomach expands to hold up to two ounces

You must put a baby down on his or her back to sleep. Stomach sleeping increases the risk of SIDS by 4x. Moms and babies need to sleep near one another. A baby sleeping in a separate room increases SIDS risk by 25-50%.

Babies skin needs to be kept clean so it doesn’t break down. Sponge bath your baby until the umbilical cord falls off then a regular bath is fine. Make sure to prep for bath time so that the baby is never left unattended. An unattended baby is at risk of drowning.

It is impossible to spoil your baby! The part a child’s brain that is able to strategize and manipulate others isn’t turned on at birth. This means you can love, touch, give attention to, and pick up your baby as much as you want.

Find a good healthcare provider that supports your parenting philosophy. Make sure to baby proof before your baby is born and select a quality car seat. Make sure the car seat is rear facing for a minimum of two years. Learn how to install your car seat correctly because 4 out of 5 car seats are installed incorrectly.

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