Esther KingWhether you homeschool, send your kids to school or go to school yourself, there are several different essential oils that can help transition from summer back to early mornings and homework.

1. In Tune. Designed to enhance the body’s ability to focus and support healthy thought processes. Whether you are the child, the parent or the teacher (or both!) this blend can help you focus and stay on task. Apply to the bottom of the feet morning and night and whenever needed throughout the day. Can also apply on the neck or rub well into the spine(dilution recommended).

2. Cedarwood. For promoting relaxation. Diffuse then rub into the bottom of the feet or dilute and apply to neck, wrists, neck, etc. This is a wonderfully calming oil and also great if your child is agitated or upset. It’s a wonderful oil to have in your home if you have a child prone to drama or tantrums (and also great for older boys who might not want to smell like a “girly” oil).

3. On Guard. Support your immune system with this amazing blend that smells like Fall given that the blend of oils include Cinnamon, Clove and Wild Orange. Diffuse then make your own hand cleaning spray or clean with the On Guard cleaning concentrate. You can also utilize the throat drops – make it part of every day!

4. Balance. Think about trees; they are rooted and stable despite being flexible in the wind. This is how we want to be – rooted and grounded yet flexible when there’s change, without being broken. This blend, containing several different tree oils, is a great oil for calming, tantrums, hormone fluctuations, low mood and more.

5. Whole food kids vitamins and fish oils. For a foundation of health. These supplements are designed specifically for children to give them all the whole-food derived nutrients they need as well as the Omega 3s so vital to brain growth and health. My kids love these! They are not full of sugar and junk like many mainstream kids vitamins – it certainly feels good to give them something good for them.

6.Citrus Bliss. Especially great for waking up in the morning, mood lifting, energizing and just general happiness. Diffuse then mix with water for a room spray (only mix in glass not plastic) or just smell from the bottle. Citrus blend smells like a creamsicle – yum!

7. Rosemary. Rosemary is wonderful to support the brain in retaining information. I love Rosemary – it’s a warm, soothing oil that’s brings great comfort when you need respiratory support.

8. Serenity or Lavender for peace. A new grade, new teacher or new school can be very stressful. Diffusing Calming blend or sending them with a roller bottle of Lavender in their pocket can further give them comfort and support throughout their day.

Back to School with Essential Oils Q & A

Q: Can they bring oils to school?
A: Different schools have different policies. My sister used hers daily. They are often used as part of homeschooling, whether Focus blend to help them sit and finish their work, or some happy oils going in the diffuser.

Q: How should we dilute for children?
A: Great Question! I think its always a good idea for children

Q: What’s the best way to send the oils with them to school?
A: We love roller bottles at our house. You can have different colors for different children. You can make labels for the bottle or let each child decorate their own roller with stickers. Overall, this makes it easy to dilute and tuck into their backpack or pocket.

Q: What’s the best diffuser to get?
A: I like the Green Air brand!(contact me for more info) Don’t have essential oils yet?I would love to help you get started! Happy Back to School everyone! It’s going to be a great year with our oils!

Esther King