Puzzle Israel

Puzzle Israel travel experts have collected for you the best touring options in Israel with kids during the spring and summer breaks.

Travelling in Israel with kids can be a real adventure, which the adults can enjoy just as much as the kids! Israel is an extremely kid-friendly country, offering amazing activities that cover a range of topics: from history, culinary, active and much more. Check out below our recommendations and contact us for more info and for plenty of other special ideas!

History – yes, it can be fun too!

Jerusalem offers fantastic options for learning history in a fun way.

  • From outside Jaffa Gate climb the Old City ramparts. While walking along on the wall enjoy the view over the rooftops, Sultan’s Pool, Yemin Moshe, Mt. Zion and the Mount of Olives.
  • Tour Ir David (City of David). Explore the most ancient known part of Jerusalem, see the newly excavated parts including the underground section and walk through Hezekiah’s Tunnel. The tour is approximately 2 hours long and most of the tour is in water up to your waist, so prepare to get wet !
  • Visit Emek Tzurim for an exciting archaeological experience uncovering the glorious past of the Temple Mount. Sift through rubble that originated in ancient buildings from the Temple Period and learn about findings from archaeologists and expert guides at the site.
  • Visit Ein Yael Living Museum – Join the guides of the Living Museum and learn about ancient crafts such as oil making, weaving, pitta baking, fresco painting and much more! Travel through time and stroll an ancient Roman street, filled with different craftsmen who will show you how their ancestors used to work everyday!

Outside of Jerusalem you can also enjoy fun historical activities:

  • Visit Beit Guvrin National Park – the site where important artifacts dating back to the Roman Era were found. Beit Guvrin has a tumultuous history from the First Temple period through modern times, yet it is the amazing caves, which are the main attraction for many visitors. The Jewish warriors hid in these caves during the Bar Kokhba Revolt. After the tout, join an archaeological seminary ‘Dig for a Day’ on an authentic archaeology site! Great experience for all ages!
  • When in the north stop for a tour at the impressive Nimrod fortress located on the slopes of the highest mountain in Israel – explore the hidden passages and be amazed by the well preserved impressive fortification, built almost 800 years ago!

Culinary activities- not just for adults!

  • A special Puzzle Israel activity – Join a delightful Puzzle Israel culinary game – ‘Shaking in the Shuk’ – at one of Israel’s great open markets (Machne Yehuda Market / Carmel Market / Acre market / Ramlah Market). Participate in a fun family game and grab refreshments as you go along
  • While in the north, enjoy a sweet dessert at the boutique De Karina chocolate factory- take part in a chocolate making workshop!

Active Israel – the best way to release high energy

  • A special Puzzle Israel activity – Join a self defence workshop introducing Israeli methods of shooting and combat. Learn from the experts about weapons handling, counter terrorism tactics, and the values that guide the Israel Defense Forces
  • A special Puzzle Israel activity – Drive to Ben Shemen Forest for some great fun! Enjoy the amazing Ropes Park, where you will experience a variety of games and activities for the whole family- all with ropes! Mazes, climbing games, rappelling, Omega, mini bungee and many more!
  • Go on an adventurous ATV ride in different locations around the country!. Enjoy the breeze and the amazing views, while having lots of fun in this safe family activity
  • Ready for some fun? When in the north, drive to Manara Cliff and participate in different activities- bungee trampoline, cable car ride up the steep mountain, mountain slides, bow and arrow, wall climbing and many more extreme games!
  • When in the south, drive to Kochav Michael and meet an archery specialist- join him for a fascinating family activity, in which you will learn all about the different techniques of archery and the different kinds of arrow and bows. You won’t leave the place without practicing yourself in a fun and safe target shooting!
  • A special Puzzle Israel activity – When in the south we also recommend that one morning you rise bright and early for an amazing experience! Hop on an hot air balloon! You will soar up high above the vast Negev Desert, while enjoying the most amazing sunrise you’ll ever see. Breathe in the fresh morning air of the Negev, and prepare for a great day.

Cultural encounters – meet interesting people along the way

  • A special Puzzle Israel activity – Up for a special night adventure? When in the north or south, meet IDF combat reserve soldiers for a fun night activity and learn how to navigate night. After that, join together around a bonfire and enjoy a good conversation and learn about the soldier’s personal story
  • A special Puzzle Israel activity – Enjoy an amazing Bedouin hospitality experience and a personal encounter with a Bedouin family at a local, rarely visited village! Taste the delicious authentic local food, fresh coffee and herbal tea, and learn about all about their family traditions

Art and music

  • When in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Haifa, take the opportunity to learn about contemporary Israeli culture through eclectic street art such as graffiti and murals, bumper stickers and even painted garbage bins. By walking in these streets, you will get the opportunity to interact with the locals and truly FEEL what it means to be a young Israeli today. You can also take some spray and experience for yourself what it is to be a street artist, freehand.
  • A special Puzzle Israel activity – Visit and tour the Megemeria School of Jewelry & Art founded in order to provide professional training and employment opportunities to Ethiopian immigrants to facilitate their integration into Israeli society as proud and contributing citizens. At the end of the tour you will enjoy wine tastings from the extraordinary cellar selection from the heart of the Judean Hills! While the adults are enjoying the tour and some wine tastings, the kids will participate in a pearl jewelry stringing workshop or preparing intelligent and logic games
  • When in the north visit Aniam – this hidden gem is a small artist’s village. Designed in a style of a European Romantic Village, it invites visitors to enjoy original handmade jewelry, painted ceramic tiles, paintings, Judaica, sculptures, organic and natural products, all made by local artists. Enjoy a personal meeting with a local artist
  • A special Puzzle Israel activity – When in the south, enjoy a bonfire and drummers circle activity in the middle of the desert. Connect to the nature and serenity around us
  • A special Puzzle Israel activity – When in the north, join a unique sessions with maestro Shir Sofer presenting traditional musical instruments, overtones & tibetan bowls. Shir will take you through a magical journey of music and love.