Stress is a natural human energy that we all take on every moment of every day. The sippy cup full of bright red juice just spilled all over your daughter and your car, your husband lost his job, or your family won an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii. There are different degrees of stress and different types of stress, but stress is stress. How you deal with it makes all the difference for you, your body, and your family’s well-being.

The human body only has so much room in itself before stress begins to overflow, and the MOM is the fastest and most intense stress receiver on the planet. If you are a single mother, married mother, a working mother or stay at home mother you are adding double stress to your life when you have children.

The nature of life is such that you are now more than one person. As honorable, loving and joyous as it may be to have a child, your stress has doubled. Moms don’tt have time to get sick, miss appointments or just take a day off. They are always on and if it gets too stressful not only does the mom feel it, but the child energetically absorbs it too.

So what is the solution? Finding tools to go inside you to reboot, recharge and de-stress. The two that I recommend and that I have had great success with in my work with moms are energy work and meditation. These outlets take you beneath the surface of your daily exterior world, to an inner world of calm and peace, which is actually the real you. It’s like having a spa inside yourself, open 24 hours a day for a visit, and the stress unravels each time you do so.

If you take stress out then you have more room for new stress to come in. Let’s face it, life is full of stress but to empty your body of toxic emotions and physical restrictions makes all the difference in how you will handle the next stress that comes your way.

When you de-stress, you are balancing, energizing and revitalizing your whole person which affects your everyday existence. All you need is the ambition to learn and the willingness to participate in your own well-being. You deserve to decompress the stress and so do your children. When you are de-stressed your children will be at their best. I teach meditation and help take you to a deeper place in your consciousness with energy work. I have been helping moms and children deal with stress for over 14 years.

Todd has been teaching and working with clients in his private practice for over 14 years. He and his wife have a 1 year old daughter. His office is in the Pico-Robertson area and his website is