By Ashley Eneriz
Ashley EnerizSibling rivalry is a problem that plagues many households. If not dealt with, it can result in marriage issues and relationship issues between siblings later down the road. While no family will ever be perfect, there are several fun and easy things you can do to encourage sibling love between your children.

Praise Your Kids
The easiest way to show your kids how to love is to be that example of love. Praise all of your children individually and as a group. Simple phrases like, “Lauren, didn’t your sister do an amazing job practicing the piano today? I am so lucky to have two talented girls” really go a long way to build up a child.

Get Rid of Negative Feelings
Siblings can feel resentment towards each other if they see their parents doing it. Kids will naturally feel ill-willed against their sibling if they know that child causes the parent stress and put them in a bad mood. As parents, it is hard to control when we are angry or frustrated at our children, but it is essential to control it if we want to nourish strong relationships.

Encourage Shared Hobbies
You can’t expect a boy to want to play dolls with his sister or for the sister to play dragon slayer with her brother, if that is not what they are into. You can find a common ground between your children through certain games, movies, sports, or even books. If siblings have more things in common, then they will naturally gravitate towards each other.

Children need to learn to get along with siblings not just for the family’s sake. It is good for their personal growth too. Your children will encounter many unfavorable people in their life, and knowing how to resolve conflicts and respect people you don’t like is a noteworthy skill.

Ashley Eneriz is a work at home mom of two little girls. Her book, How to Sell Your Sister for Fun and Profit, is currently on Kickstarter.