By Nathalie Kunin

What education during Covid has taught us, and how we are applying those lessons to how we educate our children today.

Looking back on schooling during Covid gives many of us PTSD, but we have learned many valuable and positive lessons from this experience. We learned how adaptive and resilient our children are. Most pivoted quickly to virtual learning which illustrates how flexible children can be and that there are many different methods of teaching. While an in-person school setting is ideal for most, we have learned that students can thrive in non-traditional environments.

As parents we have learned to encourage our children to stretch and challenge themselves in ways we may have been reluctant to in the past. We have confidence knowing that when they encounter adversity they can adapt. Flexibility is a powerful tool our children need to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

Parents learned that they have the power to influence their child’s learning environment — some formed pods, some switched to a formal homeschool model, and others hired tutors to fill in any gaps missed during long days online. Many parents recognized that their student’s current school wasn’t the right fit and took the opportunity to make a change.

While transition can be daunting, the results are worth it if a student is happier and more confident in their new school community. Change is usually less disruptive than anticipated and new beginnings bring new opportunities. Speaking to an academic consultant or educational therapist can help identify the qualities in a school for a child to thrive.

Beyond the academic, student success is dependent on social and emotional factors. “IRL” friendships are crucial for our children’s well-being and happiness — virtual friendships just aren’t the same. This is important to keep in mind as we help our children navigate a balance where it is expected that social connections are also fostered online. Children today are digital natives and having on online presence is customary, but parents should encourage in-person social activities.

Online learning has come a long way and there are many wonderful resources to help supplement student learning such as Khan Academy. Virtual tutoring has become a powerful tool and technology allows for screen-sharing to make it more dynamic. Tutoring over Zoom gives students scheduling flexibility and access to expert tutors and teachers across the country. A targeted hour of online support can bolster student learning and confidence.

Our children are resilient, adaptable and flexible learners. Being online all-day during Covid was not a good fit for most, but new targeted online learning solutions emerged which all our students can benefit from.

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