Dr. Raj of the California Wellness Institute shares his secrets on living a healthy lifestyle.

By Dr. Raj
Dr. RajQ: What is the key to maintaining our health and staying lean?
A: Discipline! Healthy nutrition, low Carbohydrate diet with adequate protein, preferably organic fish, lean animal meat, chicken, lentils, vegetarian beans, eggs, and lots of colorful veggies that provide micronutrients. Avoid dairy products and drink lots of water. Minimize alcohol intake and avoid smoking.

Exercise at least 10-15 minutes daily, meditate and do some yoga style deep breathing.

Be grateful, count your blessings and take the opportunity to bless others. Be kind, helpful and say something nice to cheer people that you interact with.

De-stress by taking time for yourself daily. Get some good sleep. If you’re unable to sleep well, you may need help. It may be something simple like low hormone levels that most physicians ignore and recommend sleep aids that could harm you. Progesterone and magnesium help you relax.

Pray for people around you and thank God for your Blessed life.

In order to achieve optimal health you must have the mind,body and spirit approach.

Q: Do women need to take supplements in their diet?
A: Yes, we need some basic supplements since we live a rather hectic lifestyle and do not get the nutrients from most of the processed foods that are devoid of micronutrients. The California Wellness Institute can test you for micronutrient deficiencies and customize the supplements you really need. Most popular supplements do not provide the adequate amounts that you need.

Exercise is very important for your own release of growth hormone as is good sleep. You can skip the gym if your days are busy, like most moms. Learn martial arts and practice your basics and do Katas in a small space, which is also good for a strong mind and confidence. Do push-ups to improve your upper body strength, posture and gait.

Q: How can moms naturally gain more energy?
A: Being a mom is a full time job. Many women also have to work to support the family.

After giving birth and reaching the middle age, you have more responsibility, less time for yourself and don’t forget your hormones are declining which are often not addressed and replaced by mainstream medical doctors, who may actually start you on pharmaceutical regimes you don’t need. Seek help from a qualified anti aging doctor and practitioners.

Lack of energy is a common symptom besides difficulty sleeping, which can both be signs of low thyroid and low progesterone, which can easily be corrected with an individualized regimen of natural hormones. You could also lose that excess weight that is not going away with those popular diets. Poor nutrition that is lacking in the important micronutrients along with an unhealthy “leaky” gut can actually affect the production or neurotransmitters like Dopamine and Serotonin ( gut immune brain triad). Hence, your nutrition can affect your mind and how you feel daily about your hectic life and being balanced.

Q: Is Colon cleansing healthy for women. If so at what age?
A: We have a rough time keeping a balanced lifestyle, proper nutrition, exercise, an ideal weight, clear mind, good relationships with our partners and our kids, and having to deal with a natural decline in our hormone levels. All of these can affect your digestive system resulting in a sluggish bowel that’s meant to to be a transit organ that removes water from the waste that’s left behind after the small bowel absorbs all the necessary nutrients, and now becomes a storage site with toxic waste that should be in the toilet!

Many of us, men included, are walking “porta pottys”. I see a lot of patients in my Urology practice with abdominal and back pain and many women with recurrent UTIs. A common finding in all these patients is a large amount of retained fecal matter. I jokingly say that we are all full of s*** until proven otherwise! Cleansing the colon gets rid of toxic waste, relieves abdominal and chronic back pain, reduces UTIs and gets the colon back to doing its job of removing excess water in the waste “slush” from the small intestines.

Colon Hydrotherapy can also help rehydrate someone that’s chronically under hydrated. Probiotics can be instilled directly into the clean bowel after the cleanse. A clean and properly functioning bowel, small and large is paramount for detoxification in the liver and absorption of required nutrients that is needed for a healthy body and mind.

We at California Wellness Institute have an awesome therapist with over 25 years of knowledge and experience. Any adult woman experiencing lack of energy, feeling sluggish, having aches and pains in the abdomen and lower back, getting UTIs and other infections, feeling depressed from low levels of neurotransmitters could benefit from colon cleansing and rehydration with or without implantation of probiotics and maybe even micronutrients in solution.

Your body is your temple. It behooves us to respect and treat it well and you will stay healthy, stay at your ideal weight and it will run like a well oiled machine. You will also stay away from being prescribed unnecessary pharmaceuticals that can harm your body and stress your liver to work harder to now remove the toxins prescribed to you.

Don’t forget to get your hormones and micronutrient levels checked.

Find your purpose in life besides being a guardian for your children and partners.

Most importantly Live with PASSION!

Dr. Raj is the founder of the California Wellness Institute. He is a specialty surgeon and a Holistic Practitioner. Dr. Raj has dedicated himself to incorporating both Western and Eastern philosophies of medicine. http://www.californiawellnessinstitute.org