By Dr. Ivan Brooks
Ivan BrooksQ: Is there a way to really get rid of my leg veins?
A: Yes. Of course with a comprehensive ultra sound evaluation we are able to direct treatment options to the specific area in need. Generally treatment is geared to each patients needs thus ensuring a desirable outcome.

Q: Is the treatment painful? Is there any downtime?
A: The treatment is not painful. It just requires a local anesthetic and minimal down time as far as exercising of lower extremities only. Patients are encouraged to walk immediately post procedure and continue regular daily activities.

Q: Is there anything I need to do to assure they won’t come back?
A: ¬†Lifestyle change is definitely encouraged such as weight loss. Reduced standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time is also beneficial. Each patient has different needs and expectations. It’s my goal to achieve those with a positive game plan.

Dr. Ivan Brooks founded Varix Vein Center with the goal of offering the most advanced and personalized treatments in varicose vein management. He was educated at The Chicago Medical School with advanced training at UCLA Medical Center. He is a board certified physician who has been serving the community for over 15 years. Dr. Brooks has appeared on ESPN radio and CBS news for his medical expertise.