Owner of Hot 8 Yoga, Deanna Ainsworth explains the benefits of hot yoga.

Q: Why was hot 8 yoga created?
A: Hot 8 Yoga was created to have a clean, safe and serene studio to practice in the heat. The vision was to have a clean environment to practice multiple styles of yoga in the heat. I feel we have set a new standard of cleanliness for hot studios. Hot 8 Yoga is founded on the 8 limbs of yoga. Therefore connection with self and others is a big part of why Hot 8 Yoga was created.

Q:What are the health benefits of hot yoga vs. regular yoga?
A:The heat promotes cardiovascular health by improving circulation, supports the body to cleanse and purify through sweating and develops mental clarity. Many elite athletes cross train in the heat to build endurance and focus.

Q:How many days a week do you need to practice to see the benefits?
A:It is recommended to have a daily yoga practice. Many students feel the benefits after one class in the heat. I recommend a minimum of at least 3 days a week so your body can acclimate to the heat.

Q:What’s your advice to women who haven’t tried it and are reluctant to try it?
A: The practice brings us back to balance. Commit to the full week when you first start out. The more you practice in the beginning the better the results. We have such a supportive community, lean into it, you will find meaningful friendships at Hot 8 Yoga!

Deanna Ainsworth is the creator of Hot 8 Yoga.