Must Have Back to School Items

Hot Tot Haircare produces salon-quality hair styling products for babies and children. Their formulas contain premium organic ingredients and omit anything proven to be harmful to humans, as safety need not compromise style. Hot Tot was created to enhance the lives of children. While stressing the importance of self-esteem and inner beauty, the company employs eco-friendly business practices and donates a portion of its proceeds to charities that benefit children. Hot Tot’s products are all priced under $20 and can be purchased at premium boutiques or from their website

Artimus Art

Must do something with all your kids’ artwork? Then you must have this!
Transform Children’s Artwork into a Museum Quality Hard Cover Book & Web Gallery.

Artimus Art is an innovative company that transforms piles of children’s artwork into a professionally crafted portfolio hard cover book & web gallery. Unlike any other book company on the market, we specialize in high quality art reproduction specifically designed for children’s artwork. Choose a package on line and Artimus Art will send to your door an art collection box. Just send us your artwork and we’ll carefully scan and reproduce the art using professional artists’ methods.

The art is then posted to a private web gallery where parents can customize their art book is a few simple steps. Artwork and book are returned together.

An exclusive product for parents that value creativity.


Kinara Skin Care Clinic and Spa

The Secret to Red Carpet Perfection

Now that the kids are back in school you can take care of yourself. It’s time to take your skin to a new level of amazing!

Kinara’s new HydraFacial Treatment combines skin-resurfacing technology, with our customized hydrating and antioxidant rich serums.Individualized for all skin types, everyone can look forward to healthy, radiant skin!

Purchase a series of 6 and receive 20% off!

Individual Treatment



Chemical Free Solar Protection Protection Skin-Care Products

Our different formulas are each carefully engineered to balance specific needs and conditions and offer you unparalleled defense against the relentless effects of the sun.

All of the formulas are mineral based, free of chemical sunscreen filters and
engineered to better balance specific needs. Great for moms and kids.

Call Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group for more details and to purchase these amazing sunscreen products 310.275.0066