By Talia Joseph
Talia JosephSummer is just around the corner so be prepared to face the sun with these simple skincare tips.

Load up on water. Increased heat can easily cause dehydration, leaving your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. To determine how much water is enough, divide your weight by two, the result is the number of ounces of water you should drink daily. If you love drinking summertime cocktails and iced coffee you must drink an additional glass of water for each of these as alcohol and caffeine are dehydrating.

No matter the season you should be wearing SPF on your face every day, but in the summer take extra care to use a moisturizer with SPF 20 or higher. On long days spent outside, wear a hat and apply SPF all over your body throughout the day. SPF is a no-brainer in the sun, but specifically for keeping the skin hydrated it is important to make sure you do not get burned. We have all seen or experienced a bad sunburn, that dry peeling skin, it’s not fun and it completely throws off the skins moisture content. Don’t forget to include your lips! Wear a lip balm with SPF to avoid a dry cracked pucker.

Lastly, it is essential to regularly exfoliate and moisturize the skin in the summer. Exfoliating helps to clear away dry skin cells to reveal skin with more moisture. This cleansing will also allow your moisturizer and SPF to penetrate deeper into the skin. In the summertime, ditch the heavy creams for products that contain water rich ingredients such as aloe and cucumber. For an extra boost of moisture, enhance your regimen with hydrating serums and masques. If you are on the move, hydrating toners are great for a spritz at your desk or on a plane.

Talia Joseph is a certified PCA skincare professional, she has extensive experience through her work at Burke Williams Day Spa and heads the Esthetics program at the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group.