By Chen Zang

Keyi Tech, one of the leading robotics companies is launching its latest STEM robot, ClicBot, in the US. Bringing their industry expertise in building robots, Keyitech created ClicBot with an aim to provide hands-on learning for kids between the age groups 5-10 and 10-15.

The ClicBot has been designed to provide kids with an easy-to-use robot that educates them while letting them use their creativity. This robot lets your kids’ education run wild thanks to its modular design that will allow your kids to build their own robots by rearranging the pieces out of the package per their liking.

The ClicBot is designed to provide kids a complete, unique robotic companion with over 200 interactions. Let your kids explore the world with two personalities that come pre-programmed in the ClicBot – Bic as a self-balancing two-wheeled robot that assists kids in exploring the world and Bac that responds to touch, sight, and gestures. In fact, kids can even create their own personalities by simply clicking different modules in the ClicBot together.

This educational robot helps your kids learn to code by using graphical programming through Blockly by Google. It comes with programs available across skill levels and step-by-step guides and tutorials to let your kids code with confidence.

This Keyi Tech robot is also the perfect way to introduce STEM learning into your kids’ daily activities. By allowing your kids to create their own robots in minutes, the ClicBot allows them to learn quick problem solving while staying entertained for hours.

Chen Zang serves as co-founder and Chief Designer at KEYi TECH.

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