Thank you for being my village.

By Shirin Yadegar
Shirin YadegarIt truly takes a village to raise a family. Without support of friends and family how would we know what’s “best” for our families? How would we ever be able to take a breath? Who would we share our troubles and fears about parenting with?

Mothers have the biggest responsibility on the planet. Not only do we choose what foods our families eat, what clothes they wear and where they live but we set the stage for who they will become. We have the responsibility of setting an example for our families with our daily choices.

If we choose to gossip with our friends, our kids will hear us and will do the same. If we give to charity and volunteer our time to help others, our kids will see us and do the same. If we show affection and kindness to our community, our kids will feel us and do the same.

So this Mother’s Day, thank yourselves for taking care of your families needs and constantly continue to check in internally and make sure you are doing your best to set an example for the next generation.

On a personal note, I wanted to thank you all for your support with for the past 7 years. As I said, we all know it takes a village and without all of you there would be no LA MOM MAGAZINE. Please continue to follow me and share your thoughts. What kind of expert advise do you want? What information do you need to help make your lives easier? Email me all your thoughts and suggestion at

I’d love to hear from you. Wishing you all a happy Mother’s Day filled with lots of love and gratitude.

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