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Surya Spa

Give the gift of health and balance. We recommend the Hormone Soak during pregnancy as it helps to restore a state of emotional harmony. While pregnant, a woman's hormone levels increase and can cause emotional and physical imbalances. The Wild Yam and Shatavari ground and balance the body.

The Vata soak is for post natal. After pregnancy, the Vata element (air/ether) is often times out of balance due to the literal "space" created when baby leaves the mother's body. With Lavender flowers and Ashwagandha this soak is deeply relaxing, helps to soothe the mind, open the heart and prepare the body for sleep.
Visit to purchase your bath soaks and other treatments.

Zero Negative

Zero Negative

Zero Negative was born after Jennifer Greenhut decided to turn her diagnosis of Stage 4, triple negative, breast cancer into a positive. She saw this as a sign from the universe and a reason to fight for herself and others facing the same battle. She teamed up with her friend/designer Orit Mesica, and created a tote bag that says LOVE. Now, less than a year later, Jennifer is cancer free and on a new path. Her goal for Zero Negative is to raise money for cancer research while promoting love and positive energy into the world, and of course, doing it all in style. Zero Negative donates a portion of all proceeds to the Jonsson Cancer Center Foundation. The bags can be purchased at

Elissa Goodman Cleanse

Elissa Goodman Cleanse

The Elissa Goodman S.O.U.P. Cleanse program redefines what it means to cleanse. S.O.U.P. Cleanse serves up whole, nutrient dense foods with a healthy balance of fats, proteins, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. Included is food you will actually chew and drinks that are enjoyable to consume. Cleansing doesn’t mean deprivation, starvation, liquid diets, complicated eating schedules, and extreme measures. Cleansing is renewing, recharging, rejuvenating, and jump-starting to a healthier lifestyle in a manner fits your busy schedule. This is a gentle cleanse, designed to remove processed foods, added sugars, simple carbohydrates (“white foods”), and unhealthy fats from your diet.

Available for delivery in the Los Angeles area, visit for more information.

Karen Michelle

Destiny Candle

Here's how Destiny Candle works:

1. "Light it" ...and Enjoy its warm glow,
2. "Melt it" ...and Enjoy its fragrant aroma,
3. "Pour it On" ...and Enjoy its soothing, all natural, lotion
4. "Find Your Surprise" jewerly the bottom of you candle!

3 Dresses

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