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We developed an edible organic nail polish after our oldest daughter wanted to start painting her nails by herself. Since she puts everything in her mouth it was horrifying to see what was actually in nail polish, even nail polish for kids. So, after months of experimenting in the kitchen we finally came up with a recipe for Kid Licks.

KD Novelties

KD Novelties

KD Novelties publishes personalized children’s books where children become the stars of their very own stories. Their personalized stories build self-esteem in children because they read about themselves instead of other characters, all while promoting literacy in a unique way. In addition to personalized books, they also offer personalized music CDs sung by popular characters your child knows and loves such as Elmo, Mickey Mouse, and more! Their photo personalized DVDs puts your child right into the action in their very own cartoon. KD Novelties has been in business over 12 years and their goal is touch children’s lives through personalization, one child at a time.


Put Me In The Story

Put Me In The Story, the #1 personalized books site in the U.S., creates personalized versions of bestselling books and your favorite characters. Our gifts capture moments that matter and memories that last. With each touching picture and special dedication message, our readers have become our most dynamic characters.

Put Me In The Story inspires a love for reading, across all ages and generations, through the experience of shared, personalized stories. Share a story with your family at

See Me

See Me! Personalized Storybooks

Kids love being the stars of their very own stories, so just imagine their delight when they discover that their new storybook has a very familiar hero. Personalized storybooks from I See Me! make children feel special while encouraging important skills such as reading, letter recognition, and learning to spell their own names.

Beautifully illustrated and professionally bound, customized books from I See Me! take quality and personalization to the next level. Animals might bring letters one by one to spell out your child’s name. Fairies might bring the letters of your child’s name and then crown her as their fairy princess. The hero might have the same hair color and skin tone as your child, or a photograph of your child’s face might be playfully incorporated into the illustrations.

Storybooks from I See Me! can help children develop basic reading skills, teach them to recognize their own name in print and lay the groundwork for writing their own names. These entertaining books also build self-esteem by celebrating the uniqueness of each child.

Boogie Board

Boogie Board Play n’ Trace

The Boogie Board Play n’ Trace takes doodling to whole new level with its translucent LCD writing surface. With a form factor similar to an artist’s palette, Play n’ Trace is comfortable to hold for hands of all sizes. Trace two and three dimensional objects for hours of creative fun using the included templates or download the free activity center mobile app for tablets to access structured learning exercises, games and drawing templates. Stylus and batteries included.

Available for purchase on or visit to find a retailer near you.

Accessory Packs for the Boogie Board

Accessory Packs for the Boogie Board

Accessory Packs for the Boogie Board Play n’ Trace are available in 5 fun themes and include an extra writing tool, tracing templates and static clings for hours of creativity and learning.

Purchase at or visit