Does your child need a traditional tutor or an educational therapist?

By Nathalie Kunin
Nathalie KuninMany parents ask us whether their child would benefit from educational therapy instead of traditional tutoring. Each child is unique and has different needs that are addressed by different types of tutors. Educational therapists are highly trained individuals who work with students of all ages who are having difficulty learning in the traditional manner. Educational therapists have specialized training that enables them to identify and treat learning disorders and differences that interfere with the learning process. They are able to diagnose and treat students by utilizing different teaching modalities in order to improve, correct or overcome these disabilities.

Traditional tutoring deals with academic challenges whereas educational therapy addresses the processing of information and teaching a student how to learn effectively, as well as academics. The educational therapist is trained to use a variety of methodologies and teaching materials so that students can achieve academic success.

A child may need the help of an Educational Therapist when some or all of the following behaviors are present:

  • • Struggles to maintain concentration
  • • Takes a long time to complete homework assignments
  • • Struggles to remember things
  • • Resists going to school
  • • Avoids and/or battles over homework
  • • Is easily frustrated
  • • Struggles to pay attention and follow directions
  • • Feelings of anxiety or depression
  • • Avoids or struggles to read
  • • Has poor writing skills
  • • Finds math very difficult
  • • Has been diagnosed with an attention or learning issue
  • • Low academic esteem
  • • Poor organization and study skills

Understanding how the brain processes information allows the Educational Therapist to address underlying processing issues and focus on learning styles. Ed therapy targets executive functioning, organizational skills, study skills, attention, communication, language skills, and comprehension.

Educational Therapy offers a wide range of intensive interventions that are designed to remediate learning problems that affect academics. Each student is different and has unique strengths and weaknesses; therefore, educational therapists are best equipped in helping students with learning differences reach their highest potential by strengthening the student’s ability to learn.

Observation is the best tool to determine if a child needs an educational therapist or a tutor. If no academic gains are being made with the help of a tutor, it might be time to consult with an educational therapist for an evaluation. For more information please contact Team Tutors at or 323.356.6160.