By Shirin Yadegar
Shirin YadegarOverextended, overscheduled moms are not healthy moms. If your iphone has reminders every 15 minutes to pick up this kid and take that kid to tennis, ballet and soccer you are overextended.

Our kids want us to be happy. Their faces light up when we smile. They won’t remember us as their chauffeurs who drove them around. They will remember the smiles and laughter they shared with us.

So how do we make sure they are nurtured with activities they enjoy without running ourselves ragged to a point where we are unhealthy?

Limit each child to one after school activity. Yes, you heard me clearly. One activity. Give them an option so they can find what they are most passionate about and pick one activity and let them become the best at that one activity.

We don’t get gold medals for driving our kids to 5 activities a week. So let’s slow down and try to actually enjoy our kids rather than complain about all the driving we do.

Overextended moms are unhappy moms and that unhappiness will inevitably lead to health problems like migraine and tension headaches, fatigue and most importantly unhappiness.

Shirin Yadegar is CEO and Creator of She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and four daughters.