How to find the right camp for your kid.

Jill LevinBy Jill Levin

A recent Forbes article (“The Best Bootcamp for Soft Skills May be the Best Camp,” by Ryan Craig, July 26, 2019 issue) discussed how overnight camps do a great job teaching kids the soft skills they need to flourish as adults. Sleep-away camp, as well as away-from-home programs for teens, are multi-layered experiences that prepares children and teens for college and beyond.

Teamwork, conflict resolution, problem-solving, leadership and communication skills, resilience, decision-making, empathy, and friendship-building are just some of the ways students can grow when they attend camp or a summer teen program. Each day provides so many opportunities for growth – setting a goal, learning a new skill, trying a new activity, navigating friendships, being a team captain, earning a reward for a job well done, comforting a bunkmate, completing a chore, and more.

Bring your children and teens to the Annual Summer Opportunities Fair on Sunday, February 2nd from 11am to 2 pm at the Skirball Cultural Center, hosted by Jill Levin with Tips on Trips and Camps.

Stroll around and let your children and teens find a camp or program that interests them so they, too, can be exposed to these opportunities.  The value of attending a camp fair hosted by Tips on Trips and Camps is that our advisors will be there to help guide you to overnight camps and programs that will be a good fit for your family.  I look forward to seeing you there!  Or if you can’t make it, contact me, Jill Levin, at 310-202-8448,