Leana Greene, CEO of Kids in the House, talks about producing 8000 parenting videos.

Q: What is Kids in the House
A: Kids in the House is an educational parenting resource with 8,000 videos from 450 top experts from all over the country as well as parents who have dealt with specific issues who have hard earned wisdom to share. Our videos cover everything from pregnancy to getting into college.

Q: How long did it take you to create this website
A: We filmed for three years before launching the site in June, 2013. We built our own state-of-the-art TV production studio in Santa Monica. Many of the experts flew in from across the country to participate.

Q: Why did you create Kids in the House?
A: As a mom I wanted to read all of the parenting books; I wanted to be a great parent, but I was too tired after a full day of being a mom to three kids. I realized that only some people have access to seminars and small group discussions, and even those of us who do have access have a hard time finding the right expert. I had a vision of creating 8,000 videos that would cover every parenting topic and help parents get help exactly when they need it. It’s like having 450 doctors available right when you need it. For example, you can watch a video answer at 3:00am when you are panicked about your daughter’s dyslexia.

Q: Not all parents have the same views so how do you answer everyones questions?
A: Sometimes, I think a parent needs to hear different views on a problem to be able to know what works for you and your family. For example, if your child is diagnosed with ADHD, it is good to hear the for and against viewpoints on putting your child on medication. This way you get many different perspectives before finding your own answer.

Q: How can moms access your videos? Is it free?
A: Yes, it’s free! All you have to do is log in and create an account and watch videos. You can always create a playlist that you can share with a friend in need. For example, if your friend can’t get their baby to sleep, you can send them 10 videos featuring different sleep experts, so they can get some rest!!

Q: What is the parenting forum on your site:
A: The Parent-to-Parent section is our forum where parents can connect with other parents; discuss videos, ask questions and get support from other parents who might be going through a similar challenge. If your child is being bullied, you can connect with other parents who are facing the same thing.

Leana Green is CEO of http://www.kidsinthehouse.com