By Kami Laura
Kami LauraBoth parents and teachers play a significant role in preparing children to become knowledgeable, caring and responsible adults. Whether your child is returning to school or a new kindergartener, there are ways that parents can clearly send a message to their children that school is important and education matters.

When parents create routines at home for homework, free time, meals and bedtime, they set the stage for school success. Some techniques that teachers use in the classroom can easily be adapted at home. Many teachers display visuals in the classroom, such as, schedules, to establish transitions throughout the school day. Parents, too, can prepare their child for events and post daily calendars of those events.

When routines are well thought out and planned, children will be more cooperative and less anxious about the unknown. Special needs students particularly benefit from the security of knowing what will happen next and when it will happen. Routines also develop responsibility and independence. This results in a confident and happy child, which transfers to feeling confident in their ability as a learner.

When students are committed to learning, they demonstrate self-discipline and responsibility. When we think about the key attributes students will need to develop to become successful in the 21st century, responsibility is at the forefront. In order to prepare your child to become a responsible citizen, parents need to not only set routines but also model responsibility to your child. Parents are an important influence on their children and an equal partner in their child’s education.

Kami Laura is the founder of Empower Your Mind Tutoring. She earned a Specialist degree from the University of California at Los Angeles and a California teaching credential.