By Gabo Najenson
Q:Why should families travel to Israel?
A: Israel is a very versatile country with a rich history of the Holy Land that has existed for over 5000 years.

Traditions and spirituality in countless historical sites have been preserved for thousands of years. Walking through many of the streets of Israel feels like you have been transported back in time. At the same time, Israel is the startup nation filled with modern elements of nightclubs, vegan restaurants and more.

The journeys within Israel will take you from ancient synagogues to breathtaking hikes in the wild.

In just 1.5 hours you can leave behind the city and drive through the dead sea all along the Judean lowlands.
You will enjoy sitting around the campfire under the stars, overlooking snow-capped mountain peaks in the north.

All this variety, which is characterized by colors that change every 50 km and a regional character that ranges from ancient to modern allows an experience that is suitable for all generations in the family – adults and young people alike.

Q: What do you offer that is different from other agencies?

A: We offer deeper connections and meaningful memories. A tailor made experience that extends beyond your imagination.

Whether you’re planning your first or tenth trip to Israel, you’re looking for more than the routine tours most companies offer. You want to get beneath the surface.

To ride horses through the Jordanian mountains or cook traditional meals around a campfire in the Negev Desert.

To learn skills from local artisans or tour cities from the rooftops.

Perhaps kayaking and helicopter tours are more your fancies.

No matter the level of adventure that’s perfect for you, you’re part of a mini-society that has only a few members:
• Those willing to go where most never do.
• Those who don’t blindly accept the status quo.
• Those who want to learn the history and get in touch with the land and locals.

You’re willing to be surprised and enthralled.
To go home with stories that’ll open eyes and stir souls.
You want the best and nothing less – the missing piece to your Israel puzzle.
The puzzle piece you’ll only find by immersing yourself in the beauty of Israel.

Q: What is your objective when you create an experience for your customers?

A: When we created our travel philosophy for Puzzle Israel, we imagined the moment when our customers are on a flight back to their homeland that they feel fulfilled with their experience that they experienced it all because quite a few times we came across people who left Israel with the feeling that there is more to come.

To realize this vision we devote a lot of time getting to know our clients to understand how they envision their dream trip. This is how we create the journey that is customized to our client’s desires and needs with proper guides, itinerary and the culinary variety to satisfy their palate.

If people are coming to Israel for the first time, what must they do?
We want to keep this pleasure a little mysterious to surprise our travelers, but we would love to give three teasers. You cannot give up on climbing Masada at dawn to watch the sunrise over the Dead Sea, walk through the ancient and traditional alleyways of old Jerusalem to place a note with a wish at the Western Wall, and cruise in a 4×4 jeep ride along the Israeli Syrian border while listening to a geopolitical overview of the region in a real live Bunker.