By Nicole Sadighpour
Nicole SadighpourParents can help their children start the school year on the right track by planning ahead, being realistic, and most importantly, by maintaining a positive attitude.

1. Review the materials sent by your child’s school as soon as it arrives. These packets include important information about your child’s teacher, room number, school supply requirements, sign ups for after-school sports and activities, school calendar dates, bus transportation, health and emergency forms, and volunteer opportunities.

2. Make homework time a daily habit. Find a quiet and consistent place at home where your child can complete his or her homework.

3. Limit computer/tv/ipad time to just a few hours a week, after homework is completed.

4. Read with your child at night if he/she is younger, or have them read to you.

5. Encourage physical fitness beyond PE hours such as basketball, gymnastics, tennis, or yoga.

We all learn in distinct ways- find out what works best for your child. He or she might benefit from working with a tutor who can tailor each session to his/her specific academic needs.

Nicole Sadighpour has over 10 years of experience working as a private tutor, teacher, motivational speaker, and mentor to students. She started Brighter Minds Tutoring to encourage and ignite each student’s true potential.