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A Perfect Score

At A Perfect Score, we teach students how to become excellent test-takers. We are strategic and technical, giving students concrete step-by-step methods for arriving at best answers, both in the verbal and the math sections. While most test prep tutors have been doing it a short while, we have been coaching students in LA and beyond for over twenty years, with a long track record of success.

Rainbow EDU Consulting

Rainbow EDU Consulting & Tutoring REC

Rainbow EDU Consulting & Tutoring (REC) is a distinguished innovator of purpose-driven mentoring, coaching, and education. REC covers the whole spectrum—from college and independent school admissions counseling, to academic tutoring and enrichment, to standardized test prep (we have coached many students to 36s on the ACT and 1600s on the SAT, as well as 5’s on the AP exams). REC also stewards passion projects, service learning, leadership immersion, and entrepreneurial coaching for teens and young adults. Whether a student is excelling beyond expectation or struggling to stay up to speed, REC can build their confidence and guide the development of tools they need to get caught up, get ahead, get inspired.

Park Haskell

Parke Haskell

With over a decade of experience in the education sector and college admissions field, Parke Haskell knows exactly what makes a college applicant stand out. As a college essay consultant, she works closely with exceptional candidates to hone their writing technique and impress colleges with unique, mature essays. Over the years, Parke’s students have gained entry to the highest caliber of academic institutions.

Team Tutors

Team Tutors

Team Tutors provides private, one-on-one, tutoring, educational therapy, homework help and comprehensive test preparation (SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, ERB) for all ages in all academic subjects. Our experienced tutors work with your student to reinforce skills and master challenging concepts while blending in organization and study skills. TeamTutors owner, Nathalie Kunin, provides academic consulting to help families determine best school fit and she assists with all aspects of the application process to help students gain admittance to their first-choice schools (including school transfers and late applications).

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