By Fern Langham
By Fern LanghamMore and more women, especially hardworking moms, are experiencing thyroid and hormone imbalances – which manifest as unfavorable and un-sexy symptoms such as weight gain, brain fog and anxiety. Quickly and deservedly so, women become disheartened and down-trodden by these symptoms, perhaps even angry, confused or exasperated at the ways in which their body is ‘failing them.’ Yet oftentimes women keep pushing their bodies, going and going and going, in a desperate bid to keep up with all the things they wish to accomplish everyday… and who can blame us? Modern life calls for heavy expectations on women, both from society and frequently, ourselves too. Too often we are expected to be super-woman; donning our capes and flying off into the world, keeping everything running just-so. But what is providing our fuel? What is nourishing us?

We cannot serve others if we aren’t first serving ourselves. It is a simple truth, and not something to be ashamed of. If our cup is empty, how are we meant to pour out of it? How are we meant to give our gifts to the world? How are we simply meant to help anyone else? We need to fill our own cups until we are overflowing… overflowing with the vigour and rigour to give generously to the world. It is from that place we can then actively pursue and express our passions, embodying our highest and most vibrant selves.

Making space for creativity, self-love and expression is crucial. Prioritizing the time is a gift to ourselves and our bodies, but also to everyone who surrounds us. When we deeply honor and care for ourselves – be it through simple self-care practices, or taking the time to indulge in creative pursuits – we have so much more to offer everyone and everything in our lives.

Every woman has the power to create and embody her own most vital, healthy self. Creating her own health and walking her own unique path of healing. This is where our empowerment lies.

How empowering to take yourself from surviving to thriving? You can. You will. You shall. We all bestow this divine healing power within ourselves. It first takes just a small moment to get quiet.

Get really quiet, and listen… and ask yourself: What do I really need in order to heal right now? What do I need to do in order to thrive?

Only you know the answers… Yet sometimes what you discover may be upsetting, or scary, or even downright crazy on some level. Do not fear the answer… for you are worth whatever it takes to fulfill it. You are worth it. All of us deserve to be living a life full of love, feeling valued for what we do, and sharing our unique gifts with the world.

This is precisely why I created Thyroid.Yoga™( I am here to guide you through this process. In Thyroid.Yoga™ I have cross-pollinated ancient yogic wisdom and healing practices so that women may say goodbye to survival mode and embody radiant health again. Learn all the ways we can work together to help you rediscover your most radiant, healthy you: