By Shirin Yadegar

Shirin YadegarAs mothers, our hearts ache when we witness senseless acts of violence that claim innocent lives. The recent massacre at the Nova Festival in Israel on October 7, where terrorists attacked peaceful festival-goers, serves as a stark reminder that no corner of the world is immune to such atrocities. That could have been our children dancing at Coachella.

We must show our children by example how to be up standers. We must use our voices to stand up against the deafening silence of the international community. It is our duty, as mothers, to take charge of shaping the future generations.

The Red Cross, an organization committed to humanitarian aid, must be held accountable for its failure to assist in the release of hostages in Gaza. The United Nations Commission on Human Rights also bears the responsibility to address the plight of innocent hostages held by terrorists in Gaza. The international community, including women’s groups, must rise up and condemn the rape of innocent women in Israel by Hamas.

We must equip our children with the knowledge and understanding of the importance of Western values before Tic Tok brainwashes into believing the West is the enemy. If we don’t take the time now to teach these values to our children, don’t be surprised if they go to college and attend anti-western rallies and get indoctrinated by woke “oppressor vs. oppressed” narratives.

It is crucial to engage in open conversations with our children about global events, helping them comprehend the complexities of the world. We must encourage critical thinking, cultivate a sense of responsibility, and inspire them to stand against injustice.

By teaching our children Western values, we contribute to a future where compassion triumphs over hatred, democracy prevails over tyranny, and the principles of being a good human guide us towards a better world. Let us not be silent spectators; instead, let us be the driving force behind a generation that embraces the values that define a just and compassionate society.

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