By Nathalie Kunin
Nathalie KuninUSE POSITIVE VISUALIZATION. Imagine yourself succeeding. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Visualize yourself taking a test or completing an assignment with feelings of confidence. Tell yourself: “I will do well” instead of “I hope I do well”. Smile and think to yourself: “I’ve got this.” You are relaxed and in control.

TAKE MINI-BREAKS. If you find yourself losing your focus or burning out, stop for a moment and stretch. Flex your arms and feet. Take a deep breath. Use this mini-break to help refocus your thoughts and get back to work.

STAY FOCUSED ON YOU. It’s easy to start to compare yourself to others. Race horses wear blinders for a reason. Everybody has a different way of doing things and there isn’t one best way. Don’t worry about anyone else’s work but yours.

DON’T FORGET TO BREATHE. Take long, deep breaths when you start to feel anxious or overwhelmed. Make sure you don’t hold your breath. Conscious breathing will reduce your anxiety and clear your head.

Above all, believe in yourself and enjoy your journey. Each day is an opportunity to learn new skills and sharpen the ones you already have. Stay confident and curious.

Nathlie Kunin is an educator and founder of Team Tutors.