Is it the Cure-All that it’s Cracked up to Be?

lauren rashapBy Lauren Rashap C.N.

With over a million followers on Facebook and Instagram, Kim K and Pharrell won’t leave home without it; it’s official, celery juice has gone global.

As a clinical nutritionist and a bit of a research geek, there simply is zero science to support what Anthony William’s a.k.a The Medical Medium claims is the “cure-all” for everything from acne to autoimmune conditions.

Had I not witnessed several years ago, Mr. Williams channelling his healing “Spirit” into the DNA of desperate health seekers, (myself included), I most likely would not have traded in my AM raw apple cider shot for a bitter tasting 16 oz celery juice.

Now several years later, an almost daily am ritual, numerous clients, family members and a loyal following of celery addicts, here’s the “skinny”on the “singular sensation” that’s sweeping the globe as well as your intestines!

1. POOPING (Constipation): Celery Juice beats the crap, no pun intended, out of laxatives. Just make sure that you are by a bathroom 20 minutes after consuming! As a former sufferer of IBS, chronic constipation (TMI) and a nutrition practice that focuses on gut health, I’ve experienced and witnessed improvement for IBS, SIBO and other what I call, “Gut Suckers”. Keep in mind, many gut issues need the fiber, so I often recommend a smoothie with the whole stalk instead of just the juice.

2. ACID REFLUX, HEARTBURN and GERD: Celery Juice seems to be running circles around habit-forming antacids and proton pump inhibitors that strip the intestines of the hydrochloric acid it needs to digest your food and absorb nutrients. But, don’t expect miracles from The Medical Medium if you haven’t addressed food allergies or other culprits of digestive distress.

3. ZIT ZAPPING: Celery juice may be a good addition to your acne treatment, but I have not seen it work as a solo agent. Since my specialty is all things skin as discussed in my book, Vibrant Skin at Any Age, when it comes to “skinflammation,” I’m all about no added sugars, dairy or gluten. For acne, I often recommend ginger, lemon and turmeric to your celery or a silica rich cucumber base to battle flare-ups. Actually, the pulp of the celery applied directly to the skin combats oily skin.

4. WEIGHT LOSS: Celery Juice can help you get Coachella Ready (just ask my 17 year old) due to its diuretic qualities. With a 95% water content, vitamins C, K , B, potassium and magnesium, it’s’ no surprise that instagrammers are posting selfie before and afters. I’m not denying that celery juice very well might be the new “Master Cleanse,” but let’s get real, many millennials are swapping out their morning 670 calorie Frappuccino for 16 oz H2o rich, 42 calorie celery juice. Just saying!

If celery juice continues to trend, with influencers and celebs extolling its virtues, it just might find its way into clinical trials to uncover the compound or undiscovered “cluster salts” in this fibrous stalk. So, finally science along with the psychic can claim celery as the medically proven cure -all. Until that day comes, know that while celery juice may not be your silver bullet in your magic bullet or juicer, it can certainly play an important part of a diet that’s already rich in nutrient-dense, unprocessed, organic foods. Otherwise, all the celery in the world isn’t going to cure all.

Lauren Rashap is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Skin Detox Expert. Lauren Rashap can be reached at