By Nathalie Kunin
Elizabeth FraleyBy Elizabeth Fraley, M.Ed.
Director of KinderPrep Program

According to research, it is essential for young children, especially those between 4 and 5 years of age to receive quality instruction, as this stage of development is known as the “critical period” and makes the greatest impact on the brain’s cognitive functioning capabilities. By targeting early learning skills through programs like Academic Achievers’ KinderPrep, young learners can increase their confidence and develop a love of learning.

Academic Achievers launched KinderPrep in 2007, a program for pre-school children entering kindergarten, where Master’s level, credentialed teachers and tutors implement Project Based Learning in the child’s natural home environment. The program also offers an annual, indoor/outdoor summer program at the Colorado Center in Santa Monica. The curriculum is based off of the current trend in education referred to as STEAM or (Science Technology Engineering Art Math). This one of a kind program incorporates a cross-curricular approach integrating early math skills, inquiry-based science experiences, and essential early literacy activities.

In addition, research from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) suggests, “developmentally appropriate teaching practices provide an optimal balance of adult-guided and child guided experiences”. Academic Achievers’ KinderPrep follows the recommendations of NAEYC to integrate individualized academic-based learning that is created from the child’s interests.

Elizabeth Fraley is the Director of the KinderPrep program at Academic Acheivers.