By Lauren Rashap, C.N.

Sleep accounts for 1/3 of our lives; it’s where we spend the much needed time to heal and repair the body. When we’re in stress mode and that sympathetic system is blasting, not only are we having difficulty falling asap and staying asleep, but we are reducing the time spent in the Delta stage (3 and 4) necessary for lowering blood pressure, promoting tissue growth and repair and releasing that symphony of hormones – my personal favorite -HgH (human growth hormone) essential for growth, anti-aging and muscle development.

Hours spent in front of any electronic device not only exposes you to sleep disruptive blue light, but also to EMF radiation. My advice is to turn off all electronics 2 hours before bed and reconnect with your parasympathetic nervous system by stimulating your Vagus nerve.

My Top 10 Sound Sleep Tips
1. Circadian adherence. Start at beginning of day with light exposure.
2. Eat Dinner earlier 6pm
3. Power Down- no blue light 1 hr or at least 30 minutes before bed
4. 5 Minute Breath or meditation – 4, 7, 8 or water breath
5. Magnesium – avocado, handful of almonds (25% of daily mag needs) 2 hrs before bed take Magnesium
6. Eat Carrots! Carotenoids – help protect eyes against blue light induced stress and INDUCE PROCESSING SPEED!
8. Collagen cocktail before bedtime contains relaxation amino acid glycine
9. Consume Vitamin B6 helps brain create Melatonin- Sunflower seeds and pistachios
10. Sleep naked in a cool room 60-70

Lauren Rashap is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. You can learn more at