By Rebecca Casper
RebeccaQuestion:What special skin-care recommendations do you have for women ages 35 and older? How is their skin different from younger women’s and why would you recommend these practices?
Answer: By the mid 30s accumulated damage that has been done to the skin begins to rear its ugly head and we can literally wake up one morning and feel as though we’ve gained these changes overnight! Lines and wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead, dark spots, dissipated redness and irritation are among common complaints. The truth is, you’ve had 30 plus years to gain this damage, but there is no time like the present to start repairing and protecting. As everyone has a unique set of circumstances and experiences that have gotten them to where they are today, it is wise to seek professional, individualized advice from a skin care therapist (Esthetician, not dermatologist) to address your specific needs. This way you can start saving money by getting on the right program and stop wasting your hard earned cash by trying every new skin care fad out there.

Q:What types of skin care products do you recommend to your customers who are 35 and older? Could you give specific name brands and where they’re available?
A: Gentle non-synthetic cleansers that remove dirt, oil and makeup without stripping the skin are essential. Also as the cellular metabolism slows, using an exfoliant can be one of the best things you do for your skin. Duchess Marden Enzyme Exfoliant is a cult favorite with dual action (enzymes and jojoba beads) in a replenishing creme base.

Q:What makeup looks work well for women 35-plus? (For example, I’ve heard that shimmer is harder to use near the eyes as it can sometimes highlight wrinkles).
A: A healthy glow is the mark of young, beautiful skin. Stay away from cake-y formulations which can settle into lines emphasizing their depth. Avoid shadows and highlighters that are shimmery as they can draw attention to wrinkles around the eyes. Choose a blush in a natural tone, avoid unnatural pigments on the cheeks and lips.

Q: What brands of makeup do you recommend for women in their 30s-plus?
A: Creator of the “Flawless Face” look, Laura Mercier is a hands-down favorite for professional women. Her foundations are weightless and better yet the pigment lasts ALL DAY and the products have a soft focus finish which bounce light off the skin and are very forgiving of imperfections.

Q: What skin issues or problems might women encounter as they get older?
A: The main issues that women face in their “older” skin is dealing with and addressing the accumulated damage that has shown up on the surface. Sun damage leads to darkened spots or hyper-pigmentation. Stress and environmental damage play a major role in the break down of the skin, which shows as wrinkles and lack of elasticity.

Q:Are there any things women shouldn’t do or mistakes you see women make with skin care?
A:Stop striping your skin. We are conditioned to want to see instant results. Many women scrub their skin to the point of irritation to “feel” like they’re making a difference. This only causes irritation and inflammation, which both wreak havoc on the skin. Also, remember that your skin is made up of oils (lipids) and oils are what keep it young and healthy; “oil free” does not mean better. The skin is your largest organ and you only get one, so take care of it.

Rebecca Casper is a skin care specialist in Beverly Hills. You can call and make an appointment at 310.275.6600.