By Chris Carra
Chris CarraCamps can be one of the greatest experiences for a child. Fun, stimulating and inspirational. They are usually the highlight of the summer for most youngsters and leave them with a lifetime of cherished memories.

But these days, sending them off to any old camp can actually hinder their creativity. Put it this way – would your music-loving daughter be happier learning to climb, or developing her skills on the piano? These questions are what every parent needs to ask when choosing the right camp for their child.

Traditional summer camps offer children a broad range of activities to try out – archery, swimming, hiking, canoeing or climbing – the list is endless. And with so many activities on offer, these traditional camps are great at allowing children to test the water, develop their interests, and find a passion that may last a lifetime.

However, some children already know their passion and want to spend their time doing just that, which is when a specialty focused camp becomes the sensible alternative. For the child who already knows their passion – whether it’s soccer, music or acting – these camps can really hone their talents and offer a platform from which to excel.

An example of a specialty focused camp is the Young Actors Camp – a residential program in the Los Angeles area designed specifically for children with a passion for acting; giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of film and television.

Director of Education at Young Actors Camp, Nichelle Rodriguez, explained that this kind of camp can enhance a child’s summer and strengthen their abilities.

“Kids deserve to spend their summers doing what they are passionate about, or exploring new activities until they find something they really love,’”she said.

“There is nothing wrong with a child who has not identified their interest and that’s where traditional summer camps work – helping children find new passions.”