By Shirin Yadegar

Shirin YadegarSummer travel always lends itself to family bonding, adventures and relaxation. We spend countless hours preparing for the “perfect” family vacation with the right balance of sun, culture and excitement.

Blessed to be able to visit incredible destinations with plush accommodations and immaculate service is a major plus. We work hard all year to splurge and enjoy our summer vacations, but what about those who can’t. Where are the families who are struggling and don’t have the ability to bond and relax together?

This summer we began our travels with a visit to Yemin Orde which is a safe haven, school and home for at-risk youth around the world. Visiting this village was eye opening for all of us. We felt empowered that we had the ability to help change these childrens’ lives. We felt joy for the kindness that the community shared with us as we visited their home. We felt fortunate that we have the ability to help. Here is a short video from our visit

For the remainder of our vacation, we constantly referred back to our visit to Yemen Orde because it allowed us to give in so many ways before we began receiving.

Traveling with intent was life changing because not only did we enjoy, but we had a deeper understanding of what and why we were on a family vacation. Rather than just visiting a new museum or learning a new water sport we gained a better understanding of our global world. A world that our children will inherit and have the duty to take care of.

So the next time you plan a family vacation, try to travel with intent. Research your nearest orphanage, food bank or military base that needs your help. By lending a hand you are not only helping others, but also improving your family’s life.

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