As it usually does, the time has flown by and your little baby is now going to high school. These next four years are not only crucial to determining what opportunities may be available to them after graduation but are also necessary to prepare your teen for college. Outside of making sure they have done their research, go on tours, talked with their counselors, written an essay, and taken all of their tests, you want to make sure that your teen has adopted the life skills necessary to survive the campus life.

As some of you may know, college is a lot different from grade school, middle school, or high school. It is a diverse educational environment that requires a great deal of effort, responsibility, and skill to master. By taking the time now to prepare your teen, they can transition into college life much easier. Below, are some suggestions on how to prepare your high schooler for life on campus.

Consider Private School
Private schools are an option for parents who know their teens want to go on to college. Particularly schools that offer boarding to their students, the life on campus is designed to be very similar to that of a college or university. At facilities like Fairmount School, a top-rated private school in orange county, students are held to high standards, are responsible for their own coursework, schedules, and extracurricular activities. They live in quarters where they are also responsible for cleanliness, organization, and other life skills that are required to survive college and adulthood.

Get Them Involved
If your child hasn’t participated in any community or school programs after school, now is the time to get them involved. It provides another social environment for them to connect with students of diverse backgrounds who share common interests. Whether they join the art club, basketball team, or swim team, it teaches them the significance of teamwork, togetherness, and productivity. It also looks great on a college application.

Teach Them About Finances
There is no better time than now to start teaching your high schooler about money. In college, whatever income they have, they’ll be responsible for managing it. So, whether they get a part-time job, receive a stipend from an internship, or start a business online while in college, they should know how to properly manage their funds. You can start now by either paying your teens for chores, or having them to do odd and end jobs for friends, family, and neighbors for cash. Show them how to effectively budget, spend, and save their money for longevity.

Time Management
When your teen goes off to college, there will be no more notes from mom and dad to bail them out when they’re late or miss an assignment. High school is the perfect time to start making your teenager responsible for their workload and maintaining their own schedule. You can provide them with advice such as setting alarms and reminders, planning in advance, not overbooking, and meeting their obligations but try to take a back seat and allow them to be more in control of their academic success.

College is drastically different from just about every educational environment your teenager has been in thus far. It is essentially the last step before adulthood. Therefore, parents should use high school as an opportunity to teach their teen’s life skills that will help them survive. By taking the next four years and utilizing some or all of the above tips, you are preparing your teen for a successful academic career.