Best Holiday Gift Guide

Our Holiday Traveler Sets make the perfect gift.

Ojai Traveler Set, $24 – Not sure what your look or mood will be once you get there? Grab Côte’s new Ojai Traveler Set as you head out the door; it’s got you covered! Flair for the dramatic? No. 38 gives you a deep, vampy red. Feeling flirty? No. 25 with all it’s fiery red pop will have you standing out in a crowd. Shy and quiet more your vibe? Best-seller, no. 10 has got your hands wrapped in the perfect sheer pink

Zero Negative’s LOVE Bundle

Stage IV triple-negative breast cancer survivor, Jenn Greenhut, turned her negative diagnosis into an inspiring story. She created a company, Zero Negative, to spread LOVE through accessories that give back to UCLA’s Cancer Research Center, and just released her first memoir, Everyone Needs a Larry, that she co-wrote with her husband, Larry Tollin. The LOVE bundle from Zero Negative sends LOVE, support, and advice, including a signed book and personalized note from Jenn & Larry. Zero Negative’s accessories are great for kids and adults, and every purchase supports cancer research at UCLA.


Atman Healing

Atman healing offers healing services of energy and intuitive readings to help people find peace, clarity and connect on a soul level. Along with the intuitive sessions, atman healing also have a crystal and apothecary shop online. Carrying a variety of healing crystals and curates custom healing crystals by connecting with the customer’s energy. She also creates quality intentions handmade products using only organic/vegan and natural ingredients with the highest vibrations such as candles, herbal blends, cleansing sprays, and fragrance roller blends.



Meadow reflects my personal mission to create a beautiful experience for you to cherish while spending time at home. Through thoughtfully designed loungewear and home accents, this timeless collection combines all of my favorite things about luxury hotel life: A lush robe for every occasion, decadent aromatic candles, ultra-fine stationery, and more delivered to your doorstep.

Rose Thorn

Rose Thorn

Rose Thorn came from a simple desire: to create something beautiful while empowering people to heal themselves. The Serpent, our signature piece with the most function in health and wellness. This design has 3 components: The tail is used to stimulate acupuncture points intensively.

The pellet on the back is used as a moderate stimulation. The top is used as a facial gua sha tool and to smooth over muscles. Purchase of this tool will give you immediate access to our education platform on how to use the tool for rituals and daily practices.

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