By Shirin Yadegar

Family gathering around the kitchen island to prepare holiday favorites create core childhood memories. Teamwork, laughter and eating together is an essential part of family dinners.

The problem is mom always seems to get stuck with the not so fun part of shopping and cleaning up.

Thanks to mom doesn’t need to go through the shopping and prepping. One potato has made family meals easy. Honestly, I am picky and these boxes that were delivered to my doorstep with the freshest non-gmo seasonal ingredients sourced from the country’s top farms took all the stress out of preparing dinner.

The girls and I cooked dumplings together one night that blew my mind. Everything we needed came in the insulated box. All we did was spoon the prepared filling in the round ready made dough and follow the instructions to fry them. They were definitely the healthiest dumplings and we were so proud that we actually made them ourselves.

We also received vegetable quiche that I had never made before but we rolled the dough and mixed the ingredients for the filling and it was delicious.

We made everything from vegan asian bowls to gingerbread cookies and everything in between.

I’m so excited about One Potato that they gave me a code for all of you to use. It’s a buy one meal and get one free. I promise you will thank me for this recommendation. It will save you time and create lasting memories of cooking with your families. The holidays are a great time to try this service. Just go to and enter ShirinBOGO for the discount at checkout and please let me know what you think.

Wishing you a warm, loving holiday season surrounded by family at the dinner table without the stress of working hard to prepare you meal.