Sivaphone Sarinas is a mother and healer

Q:As a healer, how do you help others process their own feelings and find their peace?
A: As a healer it’s important for me to be aware and respect that every person I connect with is going through their own unique journey and everybody processes emotions differently. Empathy is also key in how I help others process their feelings and holding a safe space for my clients to feel their emotions. Guiding others to find their light and release any energy that does not serve their highest good is important for me as a healer. Uplifting clients to empower themselves and find gratitude in their journey/experiences is a beautiful purpose in life and as a healer. Finding peace is also part of the process. Helping others find their peace is about reconnecting with themselves, going within and honoring yourself. I also like to focus on the daily little things that makes us happy and brings us peace. I believe we can find peace in many things such as self-care, reading an inspiring book, listening to music/podcasts that uplifts your energy, going into nature to ground yourself, meditate, and being around people who supports and love you.

Q:What are some things that we as busy moms can be doing to reconnect with ourselves?
A: As a mother myself, I believe it is so important that we find balance and take breaks in our busy lives. We deserve it! Finding peace amid “chaos” can be difficult and its ok to feel those emotions, but try not to carry it with you where it affects your mind and body. You can start with setting intentions and using words of affirmation to start your day, find time to write down those intentions/affirmations and believe in it. We can only manifest what we truly believe in. As moms we are always taking care of everyone and prioritizing our kids, our spouse and everyone else before ourselves but we can’t pour from an empty cup, therefore, prioritizing self-care and taking a moment for yourself is essential. The intentions you set before you start your day also makes a difference in how you handle the rest of the day/week. Take a moment to BREATHE and RESET, focus on your breath and come back to your center.

Q: How can we help our children process their own healing and embrace their journey?
A:It can be difficult for children to process their feelings let alone talk about it with adults. It’s important we encourage and hold a safe space for them to feel their emotions. Guiding and ensuring them that it is ok to feel, to recognize triggers and talking through their emotions can help with their healing. By instilling awareness and mindfulness and tuning into their emotions in the moment this can help them embrace their healing. Encouraging children to take a moment to do simple breathwork and grounding is also part of mindfulness and can help them process their feelings. Other channels to help children process their own healing journey is by reading motivational and empowering books, journaling, using positive words of affirmations, finding a creative outlet and or working on their healing with a therapist can also be beneficial. Children can learn to honor and appreciate their healing journey and emotions once they have the tools to tune into their true emotions.

Q:How can people connect with you and book a session if they’re interested?
A: People can connect with me on Instagram @atman_healing, I also have a crystal shop on Instagram @atman_crystals where I curate custom healing sets for clients, and it is all online based. I like to keep client’s messages separate and organized from my healing page and crystal page. People can also connect with me via email at and for all session bookings and details on how my sessions work you can check out my website at under services. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you should have any questions regarding how sessions work.