By Mariana Rossano
food photoMost people would agree that healthy eating can be difficult at times, but they would also acknowledge that proper nutrition is the cornerstone of their overall health. Children who learn proper eating habits will be far less likely to suffer from health problems later in life, and yet, it is never too late to improve your eating habits.
It’s important to love what you eat. If it tastes great and you gives your body what it needs on a daily basis, you will be less likely to make poor choices.
When women try to juggle kids and work, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Women tend to gain weight during and after pregnancy, and this is magnified by the stresses of day to day living. Cortisol (a hormone that causes weight gain) is not our friend, and as we stress this hormone is released causing fat around the abdominal area.
It is important to note that healthy eating is very different from dieting. Too many people assume that healthy eating means they have to go hungry or eat food from a cardboard box, but that isn’t true. Eating three meals and two healthy snacks every day is good for your overall metabolism and therefore enhances weight loss.
Exploring new foods also helps you maintain good habits, and you may even find that you like items that you’ve never really given a chance. Since many of us don’t have the time, experience, or perhaps the desire to cook, clean and shop on a daily basis, healthy food delivery is a perfect option.
Z.E.N. Foods (which stands for Zero Effort Nutrition) was created for those of us who find it difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan. It is virtually impossible to adhere to a boring meal plan, and these menus are designed with that in mind. Zen Foods uses a variety of fresh ingredients to make your meals both delicious and healthy.
Mariana Rossano is President and CEO of Zen Foods. She has been in the food and nutrition industry for nearly 20 years.