By Emilie Wright
The PUL3E NFT project just launched in support of my fiancé Andrew’s untimely diagnosis of severe heart failure earlier this year, 2021, at only 31. PUL3E is a collection of 7,676 beautifully-rendered 3D animated NFTs based on the human heart, showcasing a range of heart conditions and abnormalities, to raise money for the heart charities that have supported Andrew and many others during their journey. I have pledged to donate 5-10% of all proceeds raised from selling NFT art to heart charities.

A Perfectly Terrible Storm
PUL3E is the result of a perfectly terrible, unfortunate, and heartbreaking storm. Were it not for my lifetime of experience working in mental health services and advocating for social justice and equality and my passion for cryptocurrency and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) digital art project, I don’t know what I would have done when my partner Andrew and I discovered that his sudden shortness of breath and chronic fatigue and his generally extreme unwellness was the result of sudden heart failure.

When Andrew was diagnosed with severe Dilated Cardiomyopathy and acute Heart Failure at the age of 31 in early 2021, our life was forever changed. Andrew was, up until around 3 weeks before his hospital admission, otherwise healthy and active. Then, without warning, he was breathless, couldn’t eat properly, had pains all over his body, and was even struggling to do things like getting dressed and walking down the stairs. Our family’s world has been turned upside-down since his diagnosis and illness, and there are many more hurdles to overcome.

May the Power of the Blockchain Compel You
Since I have been involved in cryptocurrency since 2019 and NFTs since 2020 and with my background in the health and social care sectors, I committed to launching a charitable mission to raise funds for heart failure using beautiful 3D animated artwork based on 3D models of the human heart and true-to-life ECG patterns, showcasing a range of heart conditions and abnormalities.

When I discovered the power of the blockchain I also realized that it was a real men’s club. Since becoming much more involved in crypto and NFTs—and especially since becoming the leader of an NFT project—I am extremely proud of being part of women representation on the blockchain and advocating for increasing women involvement in the space.

Since our lives have completely changed through Andrew’s diagnosis, my mission has been to raise awareness and funds for heart charities: particularly UK-based charities that have supported Andrew and me throughout the past year. Being in our thirties, we are both passionate about helping to fund lifesaving and life-changing research being carried out by charities going forward, as we are hopeful that in Andrew’s lifetime there may come to light more treatment options and possibilities.

Andrew’s Heroic Journey
Andrew developed 2 blood clots, due to the impaired function of his heart and circulation, which needed further medical intervention. Since then, Andrew has been prescribed heavy doses of medication and life has changed significantly. He went through surgery to have a CRT-D (Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy-Defibrillator) fitted which has now taken over pacing his heart rate and rhythms, and will send out a shock if the defibrillator needs to kick in. Andrew has fought hard to get to a place where he is now stable for the time being; however, he now has the difficult task of coming to terms with his diagnosis at such a young age. Andrew’s life has changed forever. We do not know what the future holds; however, he has stayed so strong and this has been my inspiration for PUL3E NFT.

Heart Charities
I used to think that heart disease only happened to the elderly until Andrew was diagnosed last April. Since his diagnosis, everything has changed and I have learned that heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide for men, women, and people of most racial and ethnic groups. In the UK, heart failure affects about 900,000 people with 60,000 new cases annually.

Charities becoming involved in and receiving donations from cryptocurrency and NFT projects is still a relatively new, innovative, and progressive concept. It would be great if we could take the lead in championing this and target an entirely fresh demographic to bring attention to the cause. I am already part of the NFT community on social media and marketplaces, and sales are booming. There are many potential buyers who also support and back charitable causes. In recent weeks we have seen announcements from huge international brands like Adidas, Manchester City Football Club, and NBA collaborating, partnering, and getting involved in the NFT space. This is a unique opportunity for us to continue to advocate for charities and the exceptional work they already do in an innovative way, moving us all further into the digital age.

By supporting the project, not only will you be buying a unique 1/1 piece of digital art, but you will also be helping to raise money and awareness for important charities. By holding one of their original collection pieces, you will also gain access to future collections and special events. They are even giving away a Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFT (currently worth around $26,000) as part of their minting goals.

Join the PUL3E Community
I want to use the NFT space for good. I want to use amazing and meaningful digital art to raise awareness for heart conditions, and raise money for the charities who have supported us, and so many others going through similar situations, throughout the most difficult year. At the same time, we want to build a solid and tight-knit community that builds each other up and supports one another, and I want the PUL3E community to benefit, too. I want to create a safe, welcoming environment and a project with good intentions of giving back. I believe that this project will be hugely successful, and I want the PUL3E community to ride that wave with me—with us! I hope you join us at